Whilst my mum and sister are still here with me in Brisbane, we’ve decided on getting a train to the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast is a city roughly an hour south of Brisbane and buy purchasing a Go Card and putting roughly $25 on it you can get there and back. We are going to do it just for the day.

I love Brisbane’s skyline, it’s going to be a real shame when this view shrinks onto the horizon for the final time when I leave in March. I love the city in general, the size, the people, the experiences I’ve had… But that day isn’t today. I’m on the train as I type and I’ll be back tonight and make sure I take in the city sights and sounds as much as possible until that day.

This is my first trip to GC, so I’m looking forward to it! Pictures to come…


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    1. Sadly we didn’t get enough time, but I will be back there soon for much longer hopefully and get to check out this place and as much as possible πŸ™‚

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