One of the more interesting finds we had up in Kuranda was what appears to be a crash site of an old plane in the rainforest.


This is Geronimo, a US Air Force plane that began service in 1942 before being used as a passenger airline for Trans-Australia Airlines (a part of Qantas) in 1946 under the name Cunningham. It was then used in the movie ‘Sky pirates’ and went under the name Miss Fortune in 1984, the plot of the movie having the plane crash on the Barrier Reef. After the film the shell of the craft was given to the town.


What a life it has had, eh?


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7 thoughts

    1. As in the abandoned plane, or referring to ww2? I do feel a little sadness too regarding both, but I also have a fascination for anything abandoned. I like the eeriness and the fact that something so full of life and so many journeys is now just rusting away in silence.

    1. True, seeing a plane rust away naturally but on display is much better than seeing it just go to scrap. We get to learn about its history this way!

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