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That time between checking out and waiting for a flight…

It’s a weird time. No hotel room to go back to after noon, and you cannot commit to too much as you know you need to make it to the airport. Our flight to Brisbane isn’t until 8.20pm, so we have a lot of time to kill.

Thankfully though, the hotel kindly gave us tickets to see Cairns Taipans vs Melbourne United in the National Basketball League at 4pm, which will keep us occupied for a while. Something different too.

But this time after check out is always a little sad, the trip coming to an end and every little walk along the coast and every cold drink at the bar is the last here. Maybe the last on this trip, maybe the last ever. But this is more motivation than ever to try to live a life that allows for as many of these trips as possible, as we won’t be around to see the world forever.

If we can live a life that sees us going to new places, trying new foods, speaking to new and interesting people, then life is good.


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  1. Yes, check-out is always a sad time (even when you’re ready to go home), it signals the end of something that only moments ago you were excited about and had been anticipating for a long time – then it’s suddenly over 😕🔆

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    • Totally. This is why I decided to take a 2-year working holiday visa to Australia, I am tired of the wait-a-whole-year-for-a-two-week-holiday tradition as it just isn’t long enough for anyone. So even though this holiday has come to an end and I am going back to work in Brisbane soon to work, I still feel like I am on holiday.

      I would recommend this visa if you haven’t already!

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  2. I know this feeling all too well! Even more time if it’s a night flight that you’re looking to catch too. Having said that, I’d rather a night flight just cos it allows you to take your time to reflect on the journey you had and I like the bittersweetness of it all, the idea of possibly coming back or possibly never again.

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    • A night flight is a good time to reflect, I found myself doing that a lot last night on route to Brisbane! With most people sleeping on board and even the airport being very quiet when we landed it is hard to not just think about the whole experience.

      Thank you for your comment 🙂


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