It’s 6.29am and I’m at Sydney’s Kingford Smith Airport about to fly up to Cairns for my second leg of the holiday with family. After a 4.30am wake up and a terrible nights sleep, I’m ready for my next bed.

It looks like a great day to be flying out however as Cairns has had some pretty rough weather recently we will see what we fly into. Hopefully we get lucky up there. We have four days to enjoy in Cairns and then back to Brisbane, I have a few days off work to enjoy showing family around Queensland’s capital and I’ll leave Brisbane on the 1st March to continue down the country.

But one step at a time, and the next step is a chilled spell in Cairns.

I’m about to board, see you there!



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5 thoughts

  1. Gosh I need glasses for my glasses…I read 4 hours not 4 days lol..Oh how wonderful so much to do in those 4 days. I used to live in Cairns – northern beaches. Oh Kuranda, the islands etc etc…..bit jealous xx

    1. Haha thankfully I have a little more than a few hours :p and we will try to do a lot in this time. This is a beautiful place to live for sure!

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