Here we are, into January and a brand new year awaiting us. A clean slate. An opportunity to forget what has happened and start again or to continue what was going so well. This is different for everyone and as always, the New Year will mean so many things to so many people.

For me, I am going to keep travelling and blogging as I go. My mum and sister are travelled from the UK to Sydney yesterday so my new year is going to be off to an amazing start as I haven’t seen them in over a year. I am also going to remain focused on blogging throughout the year and improve on this as best I can whilst updating you regularly with where I am and what I am up to along the way. It is going to be another great year I am sure.

And what are your plans for the new year? Any holidays or special occasions happening in the next twelve months? Any interesting resolutions or changes you want to see in your life?

Make it a great one!


Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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19 thoughts

    1. Well you have the dates set! It’s good when you know what is happening when, it is for me anyways however I haven’t ever had an operation to speak of. Yet. Six months is a long time for recovery for sure! Can you still ride around on your mobility scooter soon after the op?

      1. Yes after a month of healing, the scooter is ok to ride. The biggest thing with hip replacement is the exercises, & no bending beyond 90 degrees, which is more difficult not to do that you think it is… putting the cat food bowls on the floor……

      2. I feel I would realise how hard it is to not bend 90 degrees when I am not able to and how much of my day is taken up by doing so! Especially at work.

      3. Yes, its a lot harder than you think, with the bending down so much throughout the day, when you don’t even think about it. When they replace the hip, everything is dislocated during the surgery so you have to be careful not to dislocate it again until the 6 months of muscle, & bone build up around the fake one is well established. It takes a year to complete.

    1. Exciting times! Would you not want to self publish? I am sure you have looked into the options, does having a publisher benefit you the most?

  1. Hello Sam,

    I’m glad to hear that 2019 is starting off right. That’s always a hopeful sign that better is coming.

    For me, I have no place to go but up! Last year was a disaster, before it even started. I pray that things will get better in all aspects of my life.

    Take care.

    1. I am sorry to hear that, but like you said the only way can be up from here. It is the best outlook to have and I hope that 2019 isn’t just a better year for you but the best it can be!

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