Spotted in Darling Harbour on my most recent visit to Sydney.

It is still hard to tune into the Christmas spirit when all my family are back home in the UK, and with it being so damn hot outside. I’m used to wearing three layers to stay warm and dry and hugging a cup of coffee/tea… or a mulled wine as I shiver around the glorious Christmas markets that occupy the city centres. It’s a great change in lifestyle of course, but I need pictures like this to remind me of what is around the corner. I mean it is Christmas Eve after all!




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14 thoughts

  1. Merry early Christmas!
    It’s only been an hour of Christmas Eve here: time differences can be so disorienting!
    I find this pretty interesting because I’ve been used to a mildly cool Christmas morning with the day going upto the high twenties! This Christmas it snows for me! (If the weather forecast is ever right, at least)

    1. I know right? I always have a world clock on my screen to help me know which parts of the world are awake or not! That sounds like a very pleasant Christmas Day, not too hot or cold, very nice. Hopefully you will have a white Christmas this time round though!

      1. Twenty degrees is indeed a pleasant Christmas, but I’ve got a cold one in store this time (I’m still excited for it though, because for once it isn’t too warm to slip on a sweater!)
        Oh it gets really confusing when you have people from different time zones wishing you a full day early.
        Merry Christmas! (and I think I’ve nailed your time zone on this one! XD)

      2. Haha you did, I was just working so I wasn’t able to reply. Sorry! It is nice to slip on something warmer and comfier over the Christmas period, it reminds me that it’s winter is here and Christmas is just around the corner. Great feelings.

        Merry Christmas!

      1. We don’t do it anymore anyway, as the neighbours do it for us. We’re now the seniors on the street, & we have several who step up to the plate.

        Have a good one yourself Sam, & I’m sure you’ll have a great visit when your family arrives.

      2. That is really nice, and great for you to save that energy and not be out in the freezing cold for too long!

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