To be honest, I didn’t. However I have had my fair share of close calls with snakes during my farm work experiences over the winter. This time I have a choice and don’t have to wander through windy paths in rural areas. I know that snakes tend to escape if they feel the vibration of a person walking close by, it’s a relief that some of the most dangerous animals on dry land want to escape rather than attack.

But it seems that the path is fairly well worn, and I am sure walked regularly. But with that I ask….

Would you?




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42 thoughts

    1. Do spiders kill snakes? I wouldn’t have thought they could! But I am totally uneducated on this. I guess if there is a sign here (I haven’t seen too many signs on my travels) there must at least be a risk!

      I guess it seems less than there are as they slither away quietly so it would be hard to tell.

      1. It was a joke from somewhere. Possibly one of the Discworld books that features their version of Australia. Which I seem to think is called Four XXXX.

        It’s always amused me to think that the spiders were keeping the snake population under control.

      2. Well I did look it up on YouTube earlier and there was certainly footage! This confirmed to me what you said haha. But I would be relieved to hear it is a joke, as I really don’t want to be around deadly snakes AND spiders that can kill deadly snakes :/

      3. I think the Discworld book about Australia was “The Last Continent”. It’s a long time since I read it but I seem to remember something about Drop Bears that dropped out of trees onto people. I’m assuming that they were Koalas. I also seem to remember the place being called 4X because it was marked on maps as XXXX.

      4. Haha on a recent tour we were told about the legend of ‘drop bears’ and that weren’t a thing or anything to be concerned about when walking through wooded areas. They must get talked about a lot. And I know XXXX is a brand of beer, but that’s it!

      1. Yes, actually. A rattlesnake. I was getting ready to type all about it right here, but then a blog post began forming in my mind, so you’ll have to just wait for that. 🙂 It’s Christmas Eve morning here in the American Midwest, so Merry Christmas!

      2. I have just read it and responded, thanks for linking to my blog, certainly some fascinating ad scary encounters!!

    1. Haha, I must admit I was very relieved when I made my way to Brisbane after being in very rural areas for so long. Now I don’t have to be around snakes I choose not to!

  1. I’d be very appreciative of the council that put up the sign, and walk away! Picking up pace! I’ve come across dugites in the bush. They look exactly like a twig. They are agile and deadly.

      1. I don’t think it is a bad fear to have, just don’t become that comfortable around them that you would happily give one a stroke!

      2. Years ago we were driving on a country road when one crossed in front of the car. My then husband loved snakes and thought he avoided it but couldn’t see it in the rear view mirror. So he stopped the car to check roadside. It wasn’t anywhere. I was convinced it had managed to find a way into the car (at 110/km highly unlikely but that was my fear!). I sat with my legs on the seat, knees cradling face for the trip home, several hours later. So highly unlikely to be comfortable around them! lol

      3. Haha oh geez! That would be a fear I would share with you for sure. Not knowing where it is after looking in the mirror would freak me out haha.

    1. Really? I guess it depends where you are and how often you are in rural areas. I haven’t seen one until I worked on the farm for five months, in which I saw a good half dozen in that time. But I guess that shows how rare an encounter is, when I could be in fields all day for months and still only see a handful.

      1. Yes . I’m in surburbia. Though snakes are found near our beach house. I’ve never encountered one on my walks or when I went camping with the Scouts whilst I was younger.

    1. Braver than most, including me! Sometimes I don’t want to know what is around the corner, especially if signs give me hints xD

    1. I would certainly feel more at ease with some thick shoes and pants, not the shorts and flip flops I was probably wearing! It is very tempting but I was very hesitant, if you ever do this route please let me know what’s down there! Haha.

    1. Yeah thankfully they see us as predators and want to escape if anything! That’s why I am always loud when walking through these narrow paths haha.

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