Melbourne is full of street art. In fact, the last time I encountered so much was in Sao Paolo. There was more than I could ever begin to write about, so here are the pictures I took of the art I found along the way.


This is ACDC Lane, maybe the coolest sounding lane I’ve ever heard of, and certainly one of the coolest looking. This is where the majority of these images come from, but not all. I will link at the bottom of the post some information about this particular street.


Click on any of the images to enlarge, and as always let me know what you think!

Do you have a favourite? If so let me know and I will try to look into the most popular ones and find out some information about the art and artist.

I hope you all have a great weekend!


Information about ACDC Lane can be viewed here via


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34 thoughts

    1. This is a great one! I love the ones of the faces, I will try to find some info about the artist that created this. Thanks!

  1. The tree heart thing has been there as long as I can remember I don’t think it’s been painted over in a very long time and it’s always a surprise to see it still there.

    1. Great! It is good to hear as some get painted over pretty fast… maybe it has some value that people recognise, or has a curse protecting it. One of those surely!

      1. Definitely cursed, I can agree with that. One time on a a graffiti tour we were told about how there was a power line there and people would write a wish on the bottom of their shoe and throw it up to hang there so it would come true. (The shoes were all taken down because of safety reasons but I still think it’s kind of cool)

      2. Interesting, and in one of my pictures there are a bunch of shoes hanging from a streetlight, maybe that’s the go to place for shoes now haha.

  2. I have been to Melbourne and had the opportunity to see some of these works. In the next days I will search in my hard disk to see what’s left! By the way you have made very nice shots

    1. I love this city, glad you got to see them as well! I hope you find some great shots you took of the trip… and make sure to blog them! :p

  3. These are incredible! I love the share. Beetlejuice gave me a laugh! Who needs an indoor museum when there’s ACDC lane 😊. Cheers!

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