I took another trip underneath the Harbour Bridge on this recent visit whilst taking a look around The Rocks. The last time I was in this very spot was October of last year.

The weather was far better this time.


It was a little cloudier last time round, but what made the images that much more special back in October of 2017 was the newlyweds in my shots.


A lot can happen in a year. Where are they now? Where was the honeymoon and where have they travelled to since? Are they still together?

Are they healthy?

Are they happy?

Only they know. I can only hope that the happiness continued and they still look at the pictures from this day with fond memories.


Ultimately we have very little control in life. The most we can control is the present moment, filling this moment with as much good as we can helps us to tolerate a life of unpredictability and uncertainty. Marriages. Birthdays. Holidays. Music festivals. Any excuse to enjoy this moment is a worthwhile one as who knows how long this will last.

My advice is if you aren’t happy, try to be. I have often found myself in low moods with no motivation whatsoever to get out of it. It is then that I try to remind myself that I am lucky to be able to live a life of relative freedom with the ability to do so many things to increase my happiness. This also applies to anyone able to read this. We are all incredibly fortunate to be able to live a life with the opportunity to do so many things that can raise our spirits. Too many people in this world don’t have such choice, and for them we should truly make the most of this.

Whether this is getting married or taking a long walk by yourself, in a world that is able to bring misery so quickly, choose to be happy as often as you possibly can.




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24 thoughts

    1. I am very happy to hear this Naume, thank you for reading and I am delighted you could take something from it. I hope everything is okay and you have a wonderful day!

  1. Wise words Sam! Season’s greetings and wishing you health, happiness and much success in 2019, and beyond……..

    1. Right back at you Sheree! I hope you have a fantastic 2019 and I am pleased we have engaged so much via blogging.

      Thanks for the kind words!

    1. Wow, thank you so much! That really means a lot to me.

      I also really love these pictures, especially with this backdrop. It was very fun to capture!

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