During our trip to the Blue Mountains, we were recommended Station Bar and Woodfired Pizza, named due to its location close Katoomba Station and well, pizza. It was a great recommendation as the menu was crammed full of fantastic sounding pizzas of all variations. I went for something I have never had before, let alone on a pizza. 

This is the ‘Bullaburra‘, a delicious pizza consisting of ‘Saltwater crocodile with wild lime ginger marinade, coconut béchamel, baby spinach, roast red capsicum & a wedge of lime.’. Tasty was an understatement, and certainly something I haven’t tried before. I am a strong believer in trying things I haven’t already and I am pleased I did. There are gluten free and vegetarian options here too (unsure about vegan options on the menu), so for anyone ever heading to the Blue Mountains your preferences will probably be met.  I think the most interesting thing I have had on pizza before this was probably vodka. Or maybe the fried egg I had on a breakfast pizza once, but crocodile is certainly the winner. And one less crocodile in the waters waiting to kill me to death in this crazy country.  What about you, what’s the strangest thing you’ve ever had on a pizza? Or do you like to play it safe with pizza and stick to what you know?  There are no wrong answers here, and pineapple fans you are welcome.

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35 thoughts

  1. I’m a big fan of pineapples on my pizza though I don’t each much pizza nowadays. The strangest pizza topping I’ve had was marijuana leaves. 😉

    1. I can eat pineapple on pizza however it isn’t a topping I would usually order. Marijuana leaves? Haha awesome! Did you get a good high from it?

      1. I didn’t actually feel high or anything so I was disappointed. I probably should’ve ordered the “super happy” pizza, it has more of it. I think I have very high tolerance with drugs like with alcohol. 😉 Haha!

      2. Haha maybe it was safe that you went with the lower dosage, as eating it can have a much more delayed effect so at least you know for next time!

  2. Yommy! The only crocodiles available in Germany, you will find in zoos…I hope, they don`t need to strengthen their security measures now… 😉

      1. I love an all you can eat! That’s the trick, make sure you go on an empty stomach to get your moneys worth haha.

    1. It was really nice, would recommend. And I would usually never go for Hawaiian however I would never turn it down if offered to me! It is a pretty popular choice 🙂

      And I like the spinach trick xD every little helps!

    1. This was a first for me, never had anything so exotic previously. And I think you are in the majority, plenty of pineapple fans here xD

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