I visited the Blue Mountains again with my friend whilst in Sydney. For $2.50 on a Sunday it is a must, and my friend notified me of a street he really wanted to see in this small town via some online research. I had no idea about it, but I am glad we went on the search for it here in Katoomba.

It is smack bang in the middle of town, however being a fairly sleepy town nothing makes it stand out without keeping your eyes peeled. Beverly Place is the street and more information can be found by clicking here.

The street isn’t a particularly long one, but it is crammed with art of all styles and messages. Some of the art is more hidden than others, so it is important to check every wall of each building to not miss anything during the walk. Here is a gallery of the art, click on any image to enlarge.

What do you think of the art? It was a hidden treasure in the city and I am glad I discovered it on my second visit. Have a favourite? Let me know!

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34 thoughts

  1. Wow that street is really amazing! Thanks for sharing the pics with us 😀 I think my fav is the blue haired girl because she seems taken from a fantasy world, but all of them are definitely awesome.

    1. That one struck me the most for sure, the face looks so real. I will look up the artist and share some information about him/her in a post soon 🙂

      1. Oh actually, were you referring to the girl next to the ‘Katoomba’ word artwork? As unfortunately I didn’t get a close up of this one so I don’t know anything about the artist sadly. I am about to post about the girl on the brick wall as I have found the artist for this one 🙂

    1. Indeed! Thanks for stopping by and taking a look, I am very happy to be able to share these pieces of art here. Certainly brightens up the street!

  2. In Toronto, the Kensington Market area of the city is similar in terms of colourfully painted buildings Another area in the City is referred to as “Graffiti Alley”, a section of alley-way between two major streets. All done by outstanding street artists. Gained exposure as it was featured weekly on a news/satire program on Canadian tv.

    Thanks for posting.

    1. That sounds great, and somewhere I will keep in mind if I am ever to visit Toronto. I do hope I get to as Canada is high on my to do list. I will look it up for sure, thanks for the info!

  3. This is such a beautiful region! The art is honestly just breath taking. The skills behind the camera is what makes the images a lot better too! Nice!

    1. Oh thank you!! I love taking shots of street art, some of the shots were harder due to the location of the art and the narrow gaps between buildings, but the quality of the art helps the shots come out well. The Blue Mountains really is a beautiful region! Have you been?

      1. No I personally have not been there, but it is part of my bucket list for when I retire! Seeing your photo’s definitely makes it a place to visit!

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