I have a friend that has flown in from the UK to see me. He had a conference in Dubai with work, and from there managed to get time off to visit New Zealand and now, Australia. My original plan was to fly into Sydney directly from Brisbane to meet him but as I am terrible for leaving things until last minute, Brisbane flights were much more expensive than they were from the Gold Coast. Even with the train ride down. So I boarded the train from Central Station and made my way to Gold Coast Airport, catching a glimpse of the city along the way.

There is something fascinating to me about seeing a great big city in the distance. A place full of millions of people and super tall structures reduced to tiny, hazy specs on the horizon. It’s like a ghost city, totally silent and easy to miss if you aren’t looking.

Getting to the airport required a quick bus ride from the train station. It was pretty short and sweet. I arrived at the check in desk and was quickly notified that my flight had been delayed for four hours due to the dust storms Sydney was receiving. It wasn’t all bad though, I did receive a $15 food voucher to be used whilst I waited. The guy serving me food later on thought the voucher was pretty cool, he hadn’t even served anyone that day using one. Maybe it was my lucky(ish) day, or maybe it was because I was flying with Qantas and not a budget airline. I was surprised Qantas was the cheaper option come to think of it.

I sat and had a pint with my food. I love getting a window seat and watching the planes come and go, it really gets me in the holiday mood and a plane is always a great backdrop for a photo.

And as the hours went by, day turned to night and as the sun started to go down, I took a step back to escape the glare. I’m glad I did, as I am very proud of some of the shots I got of the sunset. The plane and people stepping off it really make the shots for me.

By nightfall, I was finally boarding. The shots from the plane aren’t the best with the reflection and are pretty grainy, but the moonlight really lit up the water and made for a great view.

Next stop, Sydney…



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    1. Thank you! I have had a great time and I am slightly delayed with posts, but they are all getting uploaded in the next few days 🙂

    1. Thank you! I do believe in remaining positive throughout, but you need to check out my next couple of posts as things got worse for a while xD

  1. Great job on the airport pix–window pix offer lots of opportunities for dramatic lighting. Especially like the night-time “wing” shot.

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