I am one that struggles to sit still and simply do nothing during the day. I find I am much more relaxed when active and engaged in some sort of activity, even if it means typing words into a blog post. This post is inspired by a question I was asked in a recent Q&A post, thank you to TracyNicole for asking me:

question 3

If I am at home, I obsess about the things I could be doing and missing out on. Even when updating my site I need to be outside of the home. Finding a cafe to grab a coffee or blogging on the go on my iPhone means I am much more productive. It is much easier for me to find inspiration and the fear of missing out isn’t playing on repeat in my mind.

I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child, and since found it a struggle to remain focused in anything. Reading a book is difficult, as is keeping up with the story in a movie or listening to an album. Something really has to catch my attention to keep me entertained for a long period. 

For this reason I never waste a day binge watching Netflix or flicking the pages of a book. It’s not that I believe these are boring or unworthy ways to spend time, it is just that personally I find it a struggle to unwind in such a way. Even if I am unwell or hungover, a walk works better, I listen to music and think of what my next blog post will be. I als think of the ways I can try to be creative and improve on my site moving forward. 

It sounds almost paradoxical that I can spend every single day blogging here. Despite doing this daily, I do it in short bursts. I spend time on the morning responding to comments, I then take a break. I go for a walk, take photos and type up a draft for a future post and add the finishing touches to the post I am publishing today. I check back regularly but blogging from my phone and laptop means I can do it anywhere and when the mood strikes. 

It is a shame that I haven’t really spent a large portion of my life in books or TV as I am sure much inspiration is to be gained here. But the less time I am there, the more time I have devoted to my blog and hopefully one day I’ll publish a book that people who are actually capable of sitting down and reading will appreciate. But to publish I need to get into the habit of reading, so this is inevitable. 

One day.

Oh, and to answer the last question, there were a few things that surprised me the most whilst living in the States.

One, people were very friendly. Not that I didn’t believe they were, but Texas doesn’t always hold the best reputation. I found Texans to be some of the nicest people I have ever met.

Secondly, I wasn’t prepared for the winter. I wasn’t warned about the winter months, and therefore did not pack accordingly. I literally walked over frozen swimming pools, wondering why I never thought this was possible so far south. 

Thirdly, the accent. I knew the British accent was appreciated, but not to that extent. I’ve never had girls walk up to me at a bar before and beg me to speak to them, it is safe to say this was great for my self confidence. I went out a boy and came back a man, that’s for sure. 

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  1. Thanks for answering my questions! Your ADHD almost sounds like a blessing in terms of helping you blog, but I agree it’s a shame you can’t enjoy books or movies more. To each his own though! Do you find you don’t mentally tire as easily as some people? One of the reasons I find I don’t write nearly as often as I would like is that most of the time after work I need a mental break from the work so I’ll clean or workout but by the time I get around to sitting down to write I’m still just mentally drained from work. I’m not sure if that just comes from staring at a screen all day as most of the work I do isn’t all that mentally taxing.

    I’m glad Texans were friendlier than you expected. Stereo-typically “Southerners” are known to be friendlier than “Northerners”. I can’t say the area I live in is all that friendly; if you smile at people you are just as likely to get a strange look in return as you are to get a smile. I think the weather all over this country can be crazy. In October we had a 80*F day the second week and by the end of the month we were in the 40s regularly. It can be rather frustrating at times. That’s great your accent got you so much attention; I won’t lie I’m a sucker for accents myself though I think Scottish ones are my favorite!

    1. No problem, thanks for asking it!

      I do believe there are as many perks to such a disorder as there are disadvantages, we all have some kind of problem and it is important to use them to our advantage as much as we can! I do get tired however even when I am my brain is still ticking over, making it hard to just simply relax. I also find it hard to do nothing as I feel I could be blogging in that time, I love doing this and I want to keep building on it. Being a passion certainly makes it easier to do so even if I am drained. It can certainly be difficult to do so though staring at the screen so often!

      It is funny you mention the stereotypes, as in the UK it is reversed. Northerners are believed to be friendlier than Southerners, which probably largely comes down to London being in the south and such a huge and manic place that people tend to simply not have the time or energy to be friendly haha. They get the better weather too!

  2. I really relate to this so much! Whenever I sit to do something, it has to speak to me quickly enough or I won’t do it, and if I do, I will follow through if it’s a 700 page book, but I can’t not do anything. I agree so much about the Netflix thing. I don’t think I’ve ever just sat and watched something (like maybe a number of episodes from a show) for hours (if it isn’t a movie and ends in forty minutes and I have the choice to either waste another forty minutes or go do something better, in my own hands, then no matter how interesting the show is, it’s gonna have to wait until next time.) I’d honestly rather be creating content than consuming it. It’s true that you have to learn from somewhere, after all someone had said you can’t write if you’ve never read, but I feel like there’s a line to draw, after which the time you spend consuming just becomes lost time that you could’ve used creating! But perhaps that’s just how I think.

    I’ve been away for a while, I’ll definitely be catching up on your blogposts soon!

    (I have to ask; how did you like Simulation Theory?)

    1. I definitely believe you can consume too much, and it is easy to do so and can be addictive. Finding time to create is more fulfilling for me and easier to do. It seems we agree on this, Muse being the exception for us of course! A lot of my time goes into listening to those guys.

      Regarding the album, I really like it! I don’t think any album will hit me the same way OOS, Absolution and BHAR did, but every album has had singles that I listen to constantly. My favourite on this album is Break It To Me, I listen to this song A LOT. What about you? Do you have a favourite from the album?

      1. I agree with this, I spend a lo-o-ot of time on good music, and that’s one that I don’t mind!
        Oh I’m sitting to listen to the album in full tomorrow. I’ve waited until the holidays began to really listen to the album without the backdrop of finals, and it’s been a long wait, so I hope this will be awesome! 😀
        I really, really like Pressure though. I’ve probably heard that song a hundred times already!

      2. Yeah, wait to listen to it without any other ‘pressures’ around you xD

        Sorry… I had to.

        And yes, it’s a great song! I love Terry Crews being in the video too. And ‘Teignville’ being the fictional location… referencing Teignmouth their hometown!

      3. Ah, that’s cool, I appreciate a good reference!
        Speaking of references, I really loved the little things from their history that they sprinkled into the video! Yup, loved the Teignmouth reference, and the Rocket Baby Dolls band name! But the heavy riff paired with the trumpets totally won it for me! 🙂

      4. I did love these too, some of the songs sounds like they have small similarities to their older songs too which is nice, this album is like time travelling for sure!
        Yeah the trumpets sound cool 🙂

      5. Hmm, I’d never really thought about it that way, but that just adds another layer of coolness to it! The idea of travelling back ten years or so to the older synths’ sound (maybe it’s the synths? I feel like that’s bringing back Black Holes or Origin the most!) does fit in quite well with a Back To The Future theme!

      6. Yeah the synths for sure. And for me its Blockades, at the beginning it is very Knights of Cydonia as it enters the first verse and before the chorus I also hear similarities to parts of City of Delusion. But I guess that is all down to personal opinion. Maybe you hear it too! 😀

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