Regret is like fear. It’s stronger. It overrides and smothers any other mental state. Fear can be a good thing, however regret is pretty useless.

I experience regret a lot. What that is depends on where I am or what I was doing at the time. Maybe listening to a song and wishing I said something to a certain person, maybe seeing an image online and wishing I took that opportunity to go when I had the chance.

At these moments it is important to remember there isn’t a similar feeling when we did the right thing. I guess we all feel a sense of accomplishment or content in our lives, but it doesn’t stick to us like regret, eating away at us all day long. Think of how much of your life you don’t regret. When you went for that job or asked that person on a date, when you booked that flight or helped that person in need. It’s harder to think of the times we don’t regret as they don’t play on repeat on our minds. That doesn’t mean the things we don’t regret aren’t there.

I don’t know if this applies to you, the reader, but it does to me. Sometimes I like to blog how I feel and I’m sure there are plenty of people out there that can relate.


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RB. 12.11.18

19 thoughts

  1. A great read, Sam and agree with your words. We all have regrets as we are humans and are going to make mistakes but why must we dwell on them and get more upset. Move on and say sorry or forgive the person or forgive yourself. It is completely k.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, I am glad you can relate. Moving on is the best thing to do even if it seems to be the hardest. That’s the quickest way to find something you don’t regret and maybe more pleased to have done than the original regret!

  2. I do have regrets but I try to not let them overwhelm me. I always try to move over and look ahead at new experiences. Only in this way we can grow. Don’t be too harsh with yourself.

    1. ‘Don’t be too harsh with yourself’. This line is great advice but also very hard to achieve at times. Something to work on for sure.

      Thanks for your input here!

  3. We all have regrets but it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. It’s just a lesson to be learnt and hopefully you don’t go through it again. Some lesson takes a few gos before it is ingrained.

    1. That is the thing, we cannot change them so worrying about them is pointless! If only our brains could acknowledge this and shut off… Time helps for sure 🙂

  4. I used to dwell on the past a lot, but I came to the conclusion years ago that there’s no point in having regrets. Whatever we did or said at the time was for a reason and what we thought the best thing to do in those circumstances. We can learn from everything so I tend to think regrets were just learning experiences. I also say we always end up where we’re meant to be in life, we may just not always like the path taken to get there.

    1. It is so easy to dwell on things we have done and regret not doing them differently, however like you said, it was the right decision at the time. And we have no idea what effect our decisions will have until we do them!

  5. I say “I’m going to regret this” but do it anyway. The ones that are never done give me the “I should have done it” regrets. Part of being human, no reboot, move on, know better next time…

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