Regarding my recent post on free things to do and experience, I remind myself of a lovely hostel I stayed at in Hervey Bay that kindly served free wine and cheese…


…TeLePoRtInG bAcK tO AuGuSt…


What kind of sick individual would not take part in this?

Sadly, the reality was everyone took part and I only had one glass and a couple of slices of cheese. But I’m in a hostel so I can’t complain, it was a nice gesture and a good ice breaker with the other backpackers.

I’m starting to appreciate these little things the more I visit hostels, and the more my bank balance plummets.


…BaCk To NoVeMbEr...


I had a bunch of ‘what would you rather?’ debates with a colleague today, you know the ones in which you have to sacrifice one thing or another for the rest of your life. They are never easy. 

So I wonder, would you be able to give up in favour of the other:

Cheese, or chocolate?

With ever increasing dietary options I guess vegans can answer this too.

For me, this is a true dilemma. As a kid it would have been chocolate hands down, and I still have a huge sweet tooth. However as I am heading dangerously close to my 30’s, the first thing I look for at a party is the cheese board. And I worry that my older self will hate me if I don’t choose cheese. It could be a wise investment. 

Could I really live without pizza? Or sacrifice chocolate milkshake on a hot summers day? This makes me uncomfortable to think about.

I think I may have to sacrifice cheese, even if my future self hates me for it.


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  1. The only hostels in the United States that I know who do that are the two hostels in Philadelphia and possibly the one in Nashville . A lot of the hostels in the United States are alcohol free so you don’t see wine and cheese get togethers that often.

    1. I have only ever stayed in hostels in Australia, and I have realised that some accept alcohol and some don’t. Quite a lot of the hostels that do accept drink have banned ‘goon’ which is boxed wine that is very cheap to buy and I guess causes a lot of problems. However, it never seems to be so strict and these get brought in anyway with a decent amount of stealth!

  2. Omg… the thought of giving up chocolate for cheese, or vice versa, scares me! Lol!
    But I would have to choose cheese! I mean .. you can do so much with cheese (pizzas, salads, pasta dishes, sandwiches). Not to mention, I don’t have to worry about rotting my teeth out. Lol 😁

    Awesome post!

    1. After seeing all of these comments it really is making me want to change my decision. The cheese community is too big! Haha

    1. Have you ever had a donut filled with cheese? I haven’t, not sure if it’s a thing however it would certainly be interesting!

  3. I would have said keep chocolate because I have little to do with cheese. (I’m thinking in eating them separately from any other food.) Bit I could not live with myself if I couldn’t have the occasional grilled cheese sandwich. It’s one of my very favorite things in life.

    1. You’re one of the first to say chocolate! It is nice to see fans out there 🙂 However a grilled cheese sandwich is heavenly…

  4. At first, I was hands down keeping chocolate but then I thought about life without cheese and I think my mind exploded judging by the smoke rolling from my ears as I try to think about this.

    1. Haha, crystalsandcurls above said the same thing. It gets harder to decide the more you think of what cheese can be combined with!

  5. I would definitely give up chocolate over cheese based on how frequently I eat each one. Obviously if someone put chocolate in front of me I wouldn’t refuse, but day to day it’s just not something I really buy often. And when I do, I am one of those people that will just have one square and then forget about the bar for another week. Cheese, on the other hand … yuuuum.

    1. Totally get this, thinking about it I am actually the same. I thought I prefer chocolate but day to day I eat more cheese. I don’t buy chocolate often and I have been actively trying to avoid it as much as I can. I need a health kick.

      1. Cheese is very versatile, too, and makes quite a filling part of a meal, whereas chocolate appears to bore a hole in my stomach and make me want more! A case in point was last night when I thought I would have just one of the leftover Hallowe’en treats and ended up having six. And this wasn’t even good quality chocolate! It was mass-produced trash only good enough for strangers’ kids! 😆

      2. I am a nightmare for having too much chocolate. It is true that it is very moreish and I can easily have a whole block before I am full. Terrible!

  6. What a true dilemma… I eat a small piece of dark chocolate almost everyday so I would say I eat it more often than cheese, but I use cheese in so many recipes and never have pasta without it. If I absolutely had to choose I would probably give up chocolate and just try to find some other sweet to take its place.

    1. I love adding dark chocolate to a pan of chili, however I also love throwing grated cheese on top. Regarding this meal, I would sacrifice the chocolate more. But yes, a true dilemma for sure!

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