I posted recently about people that expect free things and get angry when they don’t receive them. I really don’t like that. But this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make the most of free opportunities when we encounter them. We most definitely should.


This is the free City Hopper ferry on the Brisbane River. I love the name (of the river, not the ferry), I felt so stupid asking before I knew.


This was a great decision that my friend made (a fellow backpacker that I met as she checked into my hostel room that day) when I told her about the free trip. ‘Let’s do it. Why not?’, she declared as I was describing it to her. We walked to the ferry terminal and got on as people were boarding the moment we found where it was. We weren’t sure of where this would take us, but didn’t really care either. Off we went and we took plenty of photos along the way. The transition from day to night was beautiful.


We discovered that this particular ferry took you to a number of spots around the river in the CBD, making its way south to the South Bank and then turning around and heading north. The overall ride is roughly an hour and a half and worth it. A free ferry ride with these views? Yes please. It is particularly awesome for those that can use this as a commute to and from work, saving precious pennies every day.

On a boat for this long can make you hungry, and another spur off the moment decision (by my friend again) brought us to this great little Asian diner. Our request for ‘not too spicy’ was either forgotten or we just can’t handle spice like those around us. Regardless, it was great, and a great end to a great evening.



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24 thoughts

    1. I didn’t know it’s indigenous name, thanks for sharing with me. I appreciate the kind words regarding the photos too. Cheers!

    1. I hope to find more free activities and blog about them. As a backpacker I don’t often have too much money in my pocket, so this will help a lot!

    1. Thank you! And it was a kind of soup, it was interesting the way the restaurant was set up. We grabbed a bowl and picked all the ingredients we wanted to be in it from shelves, a bit like a grocery store or buffet. Fish, veg, meat, noodles, you name it, I threw it in. They then cooked it all and added spice and the sauce and soup that you can see. It was very filling!

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