Today hit 33c. I am pleased that I was stuck at work in the air con, I am more grateful than anything as the heat makes it too hot to be productive outside. At least when it is this humid anyway. A sign of things to come though and good practice for me to prepare for the summer without melting.

Taylor Swift and Def Leppard are in town today, meaning the city is busy with fans of both. Not to mention the Melbourne Cup. The Melbourne Cup is a horse racing event and a huge date in the Australian Diary. A triple whammy of events making the city very sweaty and jam packed… Another reason why working wasn’t such a bad thing.

I like working these events, everyone is in high spirits (before the spirits take over) and people tend to be merry as they are in town not for business but for a good time. Time away from working and school, letting off steam and celebrating a mutual interest. 

I took a walk after work as the temperature cooled (only slightly) and the crowds were heading to the shows.

Saying that, I’m still sweating as I sit here and type. I can only imagine what a rock concert would be like in this humidity… I know fine well what they are like through experience and they are sweaty occasions even in a cool English climate. Maybe that is why the British rock scene has been so good throughout history, mosh pits are a great way to warm up. 

Fair play to Aussie rockers, it isn’t easy out here.

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  1. Laughed at the bit about before the spirits take over lol. And I guess you’re right about the British mosh scene! All that myd and wind and rain stuff lol. But I hate the heat too, this summer in Britain it has been WAY too hot for me, and as it reached the 30s I was DONE! If this is how our weather gas cganged I DON’T like it! But I always wonder how those who have to endure temperatures aporoaching the 40s manage. Phew! I feel hot just thinking about it!

    1. Haha, I’m pleased the joke was appreciated πŸ˜‰

      And so I heard! The U.K. seemed to be blessed with good weather over summer, but we Brits struggle in summer and winter, we only cope in mild temperatures or all hell breaks loose :p

      Maybe don’t come over here in the summer… It reached 47 in Sydney when I was there. 47!

    1. Oh I’m bracing, I’m going to be on those large 70c bottles of water from Coles for a long time.
      Mind you, they went up to 85c last time I checked! I guess it’s the demand…

      1. Good plan! The price has been increased due to the new Queensland Government litter reduction scheme. From 1st November you can earn a refund on every eligible beverage container you return to an authorised collection point. Our tap water is excellent so I just keep refilling my bottle πŸ˜‰

      2. It is a good idea, I don’t mind it at all if it is for a good cause. Plus there are water fountains everywhere which is great!

    1. I didn’t even think to be honest! I’m not really a gambler at all, and it was only at work I remembered about the Melbourne Cup being today. I realised fast at the huge event we had on in the bar and restaurant πŸ˜‚

      What about you?

  2. This takes me back. February 2017, a 45C day, on our way to Guns ‘N’ Roses at ANZ Stadium. We were herded into a train that had no aircon, and which stopped for several minutes. Oh man…

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