As I will be based in Brisbane for a while now it is nice to look back on the journey I have had and plan where to head from here. So far it has been a great experience and I needed to settle somewhere to take it all in.

This post was inspired by the lovely Pat over at AtheistsMeow, with the question:

question 1

Thanks Pat and I will try to answer it.

So far, I have only travelled the east coast of Australia. Getting the train from Newcastle to London, I stayed over night before taking off from Heathrow on my first leg of the long haul to Singapore. A short three hour train ride, a quick glance at Platform 9 and Three Quarters and a nice hotel room at the airport. It was a very pleasant start to the journey, despite the weight of the backpack I was carrying to the other side of the world.




And then, something I was really looking forward to. My first ride on an A380, with Singapore Airlines. This was a great flight and a really good airline. On top of this, I took time during my 17 hour layover (that’s right, 17 hours!) to look around Singapore Airport and the city itself.




After the shorter Singapore to Sydney flight and the 37 hour journey, my first sight in Australia.


This isn’t the last shot I took of the harbour, I would go on to take approximately 1,835,265 more photos in my six months here.


My six month contract at work was ending, and I realised I had six months left to carry out my 88 days farmwork to extend my visa. I had a short but very fun weeks holiday in Cairns to the Great Barrier Reef with friends before flying back to Sydney to finish my contract.




My contract ended, a farm south of Townsville was hiring and I made my way up there via Brisbane.


This was a tough, amazing and sometimes terrifying 88 days of farmwork to gain my second year visa.


I finished this with a month to spare, gained my visa immediately after applying and made my way down the east coast. First stop, Townsville for the night.


And then down to Airlie Beach, the gateway to the Whitsundays…


From here, I spent a few days in Hervey Bay, taking the overnight coach. Why is the below shot so blurry?! I blame tiredness…


Made it!


I was planning on heading to Fraser Island from here, but later learned that I could do this further down in Noosa and it would be a much shorter ferry trip. So instead, I spent the time unwinding and walking up this impressively long pier.


Then, Noosa and Fraser Island. One photo does not do this justice at all and there is so much to do on this sand island, a single picture cannot sum it up. My full trip can be seen in a series of Travel Diary posts linked at the bottom of this post.


And here I am, typing this from the city of Brisbane that I ran out of money and found employment in. This is a good thing, as it gives me time to settle, base myself and get to know the city very well.


Now, to finally answer Pat’s question. My plan from here is to visit the Gold Coast, Byron Bay and head on down to Melbourne. I will take short breaks in the first two destinations and hopefully base myself in Melbourne and try to find employment here too, once my current contract runs out in March. As I am on a working holiday visa, I can only work for 6 months with any one company. I also want to visit Adelaide and visit the Twelve Apostles between Melbourne and Adelaide. Kangaroo Island near Adelaide is also on the list before heading to Perth. Admittedly I do not know much about the west coast other than Perth, however I have been told it is absolutely beautiful. For this reason, I feel I would be missing out if I didn’t visit it between now and September next year.

It would be great to do a full clockwise circle around Australia, and then head to New Zealand as I probably won’t be this close again. That is the plan anyway. Even if I take flights from various points around Australia to achieve this full circle, I would be happy to see some areas I may not have planned to previously. Darwin and Uluru are on the list too. New Zealand is 100% somewhere I will be heading to at some point, there isn’t many countries such a short flight away from here! Heck, some Australian cities are further away from me right now than New Zealand is.

So to summarise, the west coast hopefully, New Zealand definitely. It is not that I don’t want to visit the west coast, it is just about planning and finding the time. I am barely into my second year visa but I plan to be in Brisbane and Melbourne for longer periods.

Thank you again Pat for the question. My Travel Diary will have the answers throughout 2019!



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30 thoughts

    1. It really has been, there hasn’t been a place I haven’t enjoyed. I am so happy to be able to visit these places and blog my journey! Thank you 🙂

    1. I am certainly looking forward to visiting Melbourne! I can’t wait. I have heard so many great things about it and I will have plenty of blog posts from there too 🙂

  1. Oh it all sounds wonderful. Im living down on the Mornington Peninsular in Victoria… a cute seaside holiday place. Always on a holiday..Im originally from Perth…and so if you can get over there you will love it. Australia so much to see and do. My bestie just finished a 6 month trip in her little car from Perth up the coast of WA to Darwin down the middle to Ayres Rock down to Port Augusta up to the New South Wales coast and down to me, across to Geelong on the ferry down along the coast to see the Twelve Apostles to Adelaide and back to Perth….she said so much more to see. I agree…I hope you see as much as you can xx

    1. That is such a long and epic trip for a little car! I bet that was fantastic. Hopefully I will as much of Australia as she has. Where you live sounds lovely also, the list of places that sound beautiful enough to visit keeps on growing! :p

    1. Thank you! It wasn’t easy to gain regarding the farmwork, 88 days of farmwork in the tropical north was tough. However actually submitting the visa and getting it was incredibly easy, it came though at the same time I received the email telling me it had been submitted!

    1. It is cute in a rather scary way, isn’t it! Had to take a photo as I am not sure if I will be that close to one again, it certainly looks like that dinosaur from Jurassic Park! Beautiful though.

      1. Haha, the farmer wasn’t buying it as he simply picked it up and placed it away from the tree, I was taking no risks, other than a quick close up shot :p

  2. Congrats on another year. Don’t think you’ll have trouble finding work in Melb. Lots of hospitality positions.
    Melb is a great base.

    1. Thanks Dewy, I look forward to visiting and I hope to find work as quickly as I did in Sydney and Brisbane. That is what I like about hotel work, it is very transferable!

  3. What an amazing experience- I hope I could do the same- to get employment on places I wanted to travel. I would always have to bring my daughter with me whenever I travel so I only get a maximum days 2 weeks at a time to travel whenever I want to try out some places.

    1. It is certainly easier as I have no children, and that I have always worked in hotels. Many hotels use the same systems which means I don’t have to be trained and therefore I can get straight into the job. But I won’t be able to do this forever! The important thing is for us to travel as much as are able to with our circumstances 🙂

  4. First, Singapore Airline is the best plane to travel and Singapore airport is just beautiful and clean. I went home once via Singapore Airline and was very pleased with the experience. Second, Australia is an interesting place. A friend went there years ago as a young man working and seeing the place like you did, ended up marrying an Australian girl, settled in Queensland and love the place. He owns some kind of fruit farm now in Queensland. I remember him posting about his trip to Fraser Island with his buddies. Quite a place I understand.

    1. Love Singapore Airlines, as well as Changi Airport. I loved the journey and will certainly look to fly with them when I travel back home.

      And that is such a nice story, I am happy for them! And who knows, maybe I carried out some farmwork on his farm xD

  5. I’m heading out in less than two weeks! I’m flying out to Perth first to make sure I don’t miss the West Coast. How easy did you find getting work in Oz? ✈️⛱️☀️

    1. Exciting times!! And I think that is a good idea, as the east coast is so populated in comparison it is easy to spend all your time there. I think it is very hit and miss regarding work, I was lucky with a hotel background that I found a job in just a few days in Sydney and pretty much transferred from city to city after that. Some people struggle, especially with the working holiday limitations. My advice is play to your strengths, however be open minded about trying something else if the opportunity comes.

      Good luck!!

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