We all have that one thing that we love to put off for another day. The laundry, groceries, booking that dentist appointment… something that gets put on hold juuuust for one more day.

For me, that is emails. Something I have put off for way, way longer than a few days.


I have failed 4,330 times. Today, I will start to make that change.

I was looking through my inbox today out of a sudden sense of urgency that I may have missed an email about a pending payment or an update from work. I mean I do glance at it from my smartphone and it is usually a mix of spam and not very important updates from things I have subscribed to. Today, I dug a little deeper and checked the inbox on my laptop, something I should do regularly and would have been better to start a year or two ago.

Among the emails I spotted a lovely email from a fellow blogger. An email of support and appreciation and I felt terrible that I hadn’t replied sooner. We exchanged emails today and I instantly felt better. I really need to take an afternoon out and sort out my inbox.


I also feel this is true for my WordPress comments. Every day before publishing a post I respond to readers comments, usually from my last two or three blog posts. I am averaging 29.2 comments per post in 2018 (mainly through a handful of posts that received lots of engagement, most post have a lot less) and with full time work I spend the first moments of the day ensuring that I have responded to those that have taken the time to comment on my posts. However with 8,633 comments on 1,209 posts, I know for a fact I have missed some here and there since starting the blog back in 2014. I don’t like the thought of this.

So for anyone that I haven’t responded to, I am sorry. It isn’t anything intentional, and please understand that your kind words and feedback of all kinds is truly, truly appreciated. It is the one thing that helps give me inspiration to write everyday and to think of a post for tomorrow. For this reason, I will sort my messy inbox out. I needed a kick up the backside and this is exactly that. A tidy inbox is a tidy mind, and I for sure could benefit greatly from a less cluttered and stressful mind especially if I am responding to those that have kindly taken effort to contact me.

What is your ‘I’ll do it tomorrow instead’ thing? If you know what it is, you are one step closer to perfection. Perfection is impossible, but improvement has endless possibilities.


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23 thoughts

    1. Don’t burn yourself out, maybe focus on one task to complete at a time instead of multiple ones, as I make this mistake constantly and end up getting much less done! As long as that tomorrow comes and not pushed back everyday, then progress is being made 🙂

  1. Happy blogging to you too Sam!
    Procrastination is good when we need a break. Don’t worry about putting off until tomorrow what you can do to day!
    I am in the same mood every day!
    Happy November!

    1. If you have the motivation, then great. Putting off until tomorrow is fine if you know it will get done! My problem is throughout my life there are many things that I say I will do tomorrow as an excuse to not do it. I am trying to stop that habit.

      I hope you are having a great weekend, happy November to you too!

  2. I never put anything off if its within my power not to. Anything unpleasant, I want it done & over with…..the sooner, the better.

    I sort my emails several times a day because I hate clutter.

    1. They do, I don’t mind responding to comments at all because I love to be active on my blog, however emails to me are not so fun… apart from the lovely comments I mentioned in my posts. Spam and work emails are the devil!

  3. I am be blessed and also ocd or cdo in my case but when you have a mountain of responsibility it is inevitable that things are going to get put off somewhere so haha yeah on my email I’m now as of this morning at 2348 unread so for all that think they never put anything off please come to honesty it can be a lot to keep up with so give a person a break and do what you do but we are not machines we are human

    1. We are only human, and are capable of only so much. If you need a break, take one, there is nothing wrong with that and I am sure you work very hard! For me though, it is something I could do in my spare time I just haven’t found the motivation and have always put off this responsibility.

      Thank you for the comment and I hope you have a lovely weekend 🙂

    1. Haha great, I am pleased I am not the only one out there. Blogging is my escape from procrastination- I am not sure if it yours too- and I am surprised I am able to!

  4. I have been living in my current house for 3 years and 2 months and I still have yet to clean the laundry room other than the floor from time to time. I’m sure the dust bunnies hiding on the top shelves are huge.

    1. You’re not alone! But it is a great feeling when we start. I hope you start to do the things you have put off, and feel great in the process!

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