Watching the sunset

Today I feel great. I was up at 6am for work and finished at 3pm, meaning I have the whole evening to myself. I get to watch the sunset on this great city.


It is rare for me to work a morning shift since becoming employed here and I don’t mind because evening shifts allow me precious alone time to blog and do my own thing beforehand. Working late also helps me to save money. Well, not save, just not spend it all. I honestly don’t know how people save money.

I have always said that the UK looks so much prettier underneath a blue sky. It adds colour, but it is also due to the fact that sunshine is much more rare back home. When it comes out it looks glorious. Sunshine here is almost a guarantee, if people come here and get cloud it is just bad luck. I always felt bad for passengers docking in Sydney on the cruises that entered the harbour everyday if it was cloudy, especially if they are British. A British family going on holiday in the sun and not getting it is a national tragedy. Sunburn is still a guarantee though…


How is the weather where you are today? The sun has set here, and I am sure it is on its way to most of you.



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