As I blog every day, I need something to write about every day. I had a couple of readers ask me yesterday how I think of something to write about every single day and there are a few methods I use. One is reading and answering readers comments, so thank you for the inspiration for today’s post.

Yesterday’s post was all about consistency. Daily blogging and why consistency is key can be read by clicking here.

For me, consistency results in much more engagement on my blog. My stats increase, interest in my blog grows significantly and readers gain a level of trust and expectation. But to be consistent, I need to have methods. I also need to have something to blog about daily, which can be tricky.

My methods have been simple and not so simple. Some much easier than others. I am going to start with the biggest method I used to help with my blog…


Since my year in the US, I always wanted to travel again for this length of time. Somewhere that I would feel I could settle easily with a similar culture and escape the norm back home. Leave my full time job, my daily routine and experience something brand new. My journey here wasn’t necessarily to learn more about myself or experience a new culture, but to free my time completely.

Before Sydney I was working on my blog (partially) and wanted to put more effort into it. With half my time taken up with work and the other half catching up with friends, I left very little time dedicated to blogging. I knew that if I was to take a year out it would free up so much time that I could devote to blogging, as well as find plenty of things to blog about along the way. The Australian Working Holiday Visa was bought, my one way ticket booked and in a couple of months I was on my way. The beauty of this visa is that it allows me to work and fund my travels, meaning I could leave home a lot sooner. Needing time to save was not an excuse.

Now I understand that this isn’t possible for everyone. For those that are able to and are thinking about it, I would highly recommend it. It is a big commitment to travel, particularly alone but it is incredibly rewarding. If you are thinking about it, stop thinking about it and go for it.


This doesn’t mean that you have to travel to the other side of the world to blog freely. It just helped me. Firstly, to be able to blog everyday or at least frequently, you have to have a passion for it. Like any hobby, if your heart isn’t there, you are doomed. If you have a desire, you are on the right track.

Secondly, you need to dedicate time to doing so. I spend a couple of hours a day on my blog, and I know this isn’t possible for everyone. But maybe 30 minutes is, during breakfast or after an afternoon run and cool down. Schedule a time in the day that you can dedicate to your blog and try to stick to it. It will eventually become a habit and make blogging so much easier. Routine is very effective.

Also, there are some people out there that fool themselves into thinking they don’t have time. What about that hours commute to work on the bus that is usually wasted looking at memes? Or the half an hour spent in between classes in college? We have so much free time that we waste that could be used to ooze productivity, and we won’t have these pockets of time forever. Try to use them wisely.

Blogging is like going to the gym. If we walk slowly for 30 minutes on the treadmill once a week, results will be slow or next to non-existent. If we work twice as hard for twice as long three times a week, the results will reflect this.

The effort you put in is what you get back out.

When I am free, I like to get out of the house. I live in a city, so I am constantly finding inspiration around me in the form of street art, people and buildings. But this can also be achieved through nature and the weather. For me, getting out and taking a walk increases my productivity ten fold. It was the same for me in Sydney and now in Brisbane. I had reasons to blog through photos and stories along the way, I often didn’t think of ideas, instead they often came to me.


I cannot blog when I am walking. So instead I use the photos I take as reminders and add draft titles to my my blog. I have 40+ blog ideas that are merely blog titles right now, and my camera roll is a queue of blog posts in the making. When I am finished with a post, I transfer the images to my laptop, delete them from my phone and free up space for more photos. Don’t let ideas slip you by when you don’t have time to blog about them. Write them on a piece of paper. Type them into your phones notes. Take a screenshot. Do anything you can, just don’t let them go to waste.

This is basically the methods that allow me to be present here every single day. Searching for inspiration everyday around me by getting up and exploring the neighbourhood, noting down all of my ideas before I forget them in anyway I can and dedicating time daily to sit down and publish that post. This, and giving myself enough free time to make this all achievable. If I can do it, so can you. Once you find the commitment, the results follow.

I hope this was a help and inspiration to some of you, and I wish you the best with your own blog. What you put in is what you get out, and the satisfaction is what keeps me going.



Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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  1. Before I started blogging I travelled frequently for work.

    Since I started blogging my trips have become treasure hunts, then return to the computer to share with others.

    1. Great! It sounds like you really make the most of these trips to work and back. We can find some great things to blog about during these daily routines when we look 🙂

    1. Haha, I often compare blogging to going to the gym… mainly because I have lost all motivation to do so and it makes me feel better xD

      I am blogging to build enough content for a book and to have an audience to read it, however if I can blog for a living or at least part time, that would honestly be a dream for me. But my blog would never be used as a money maker even if I could, I just love to get my thoughts and opinions out there and reach as many people as possible.

      Thank you for reading!

  2. Great post. I also find that consistency is a key element. I work four days a week now, but my work days tend to be long hours. By the time I get home, too tired and not much time other than perhaps respond to a few comments. I’m a very early riser due to my job. So, even on my three off days, I get up before 5am. That’s when I write. I have 3 or 4 hours by myself before my wife gets up that I can devote to my blog.

    I find my inspiration or ideas often show up when I’m working. I’d love to carry a journal or notebook to write them down, but it would be a challenge on the job for sure. But, when I get home I will start a new blog post, just to get a quick sentence down on the idea that came to me during the day.

    1. Do you carry a smart phone? Typing notes into the note section on my iPhone helps me greatly to remember things. And it means you don’t need a notepad as a result!

      I would love to wake at 5am. I am pretty jealous of your ability too but because I often finish late and end up not being able to sleep until the early hours, 5am is very difficult for me. Maybe if I find myself in a more stable 9-5 in the near future this will help me become more of an early bird.

      Thank you for your insight!

      1. An early night makes 5am so much easier! Yeah try that, see if you manage to have more blogging material as a result 🙂

  3. Thank you so much, Sam, for this detailed explanation! I agree that consistency is key and with this mindset, I’ll commit to spending little time on the blog every day. I’ll start with thirty minutes and progress on to an hour and even longer than that as it slowly becomes a habit.

    1. No problem Obinna, thank you for reading and I am pleased you found it of worth.

      I hope it benefits you as it has for me, some blogs are more suited to less posts a week and some more, so make sure you only post the amount you feel you are comfortable with. But for sure, give this daily blogging a chance and see how it goes!

      All the best.

  4. I tell about all what I see and happen in my unknown country. Have You heard about free reindeer races, visited in the world’s biggest snow castle or discussed with Santa? Or have ever thought how it feels when spending a nightless night far beyond the Arctic Circle?

    1. I certainly am now! I have met quite a few people from Finland in Australia recently, and they have been very lovely people. My aim is to see as many countries as I can in my life, so hopefully I can tick yours off the list!

  5. Great post! I often have said if I could have something hooked to my brain while running that could write down my thoughts I would have a lot more blog entries! I remember once writing nearly an entire post about running hills and intending to write up when I got home, but things came up and I didn’t get a chance. I know I could still use the topic but it’s a bummer because what I had written in my head was so good and I know I can’t replicate it. I often put ideas in a memo in my phone, but I’m not so good at following up on writing about them… it seems like when I have the idea I have lots of thoughts flowing to write, but when I have the time to actually sit down and write, the thoughts/creativity surrounding the topic are gone. It’s something I need to work on for sure!

    1. That would be such a useful invention… it is a pain when you have something typed and it gets deleted, or have a great script in your head and you know if you type it, it just wont be the same as it was when you thought it.

      I see the problem, but for me even if I get writers block, the ideas start flowing as I begin to type slowly. I don’t know what advice if any I would have here, but to just type and see if ideas start to come!

      1. I made progress yesterday! I was inspired during my run and rather than actually start writing the blog I was just toying with different thoughts around the topic though I did come up with the beginning part of the entry and as soon as I got home I jotted the ideas down so that once I showered I could blog about it. It was different from my usual posts as well, more thoughtful/philosophical so killed two birds with one stone in getting it written and trying a new topic!

      2. Fantastic! Great to hear. Hopefully you can keep this up and see further progress! Keep me updated 🙂

    1. Blogging is a great therapy. It helped me greatly and I am pleased to hear you have benefited from it. Keep taking shots, keep blogging and stay healthy!

      Thank you so much for the kind feedback.

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