I follow my own blog

I was going through the Working Holiday Visa tag on the WordPress reader feed recently and I came across my own post. I probably won’t look through that tag again as there wasn’t much happening there, the post I scrolled down to was from way back in July.

You can read this post from my farmwork days here.

I like to see my blog posts in the reader section as I can see how they are seen by my readers and potential readers. Sometimes my posts chop the featured image into a smaller shot and the picture doesn’t work as well. For example, this photo I produced recently….


Comes through to the reader section like this…

Not ideal.

I find it is important to see my blog from time to time through the eyes of someone else, as typing a post looks completely different to reading it. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t know that some of my featured images don’t work like the one above. A featured photo should stand out.

This works outside of blogging too. I have watched general managers in my previous hotel jobs walk into the lobby acting like a guest and seeing things that I haven’t been able to. Whether it was litter out of view or misplaced chairs, sometimes it is hard to see things to change when you are so used to a certain view everyday. But it is a good skill to try to master and I think it is very beneficial in the long term.

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  1. It’s all about perspective, after all. Well done pointing that out! I also check what my featured images look like from a reader’s perspective. If nothing else, it gives me a little consolation that’s it’s not looking horrible. Usually, I’m lucky enough to get it right the first time, but I’d never be too sure unless I checked 🙂

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