Life is a roller-coaster of emotional well-being. Full of the twists and turns, peaks and drops between happiness and sadness, calm and anxiety, motivation and laziness. There is no set mood on the track, just the waves of states until we reach the end of the ride.

Since I have traveled I have been through the excitement and joy, the adventure and laughter. But this never lasts as long as the working holiday visa does. After the steep rise, the drop. The dip in mood and motivation, the lack of energy and the negative outlooks on life. Today I have hit this sharp turn on the journey and it feels pretty crappy. It isn’t depression or overwhelming anxiety, just a genuine low mood.

It makes me question what I am doing, and how good of a person I am. It makes me question whether I am achieving as much as my peers and the people I engage with on a daily basis. Whether I am or will be as successful as them, the things they are better at than me and the things I am worse at. It is the day when the brain is not interested in the positives I experience, they aren’t important. What I fail at, that is what is being discussed today apparently. Bitterness, jealousy, negative self reflection. You name it, it is there somewhere.


Every mistake is maximised. Every great moment is just an exception. I pride myself on trying to think of the good moments in life and seeing the glass half full, but some days just don’t allow this. I am sure I am not the only one.


As I type this, in the corner of my left eye an incredibly short man is checking in to my hostel. Probably in his 40’s and is no taller than his suitcase. He has a harder life than me. His case will be much heavier than it would be for me, even if I am average build and very athletic. At 6ft, everything is easier than it is for an adult half my size. There is one think I should be grateful for.

Now I have to say, there has been a couple of moments in my recent posts when I have typed ‘as I am typing this’… and they are genuine. I find it difficult to blog in my room and I need to be out there, hence my blogs photography style. I see so many people daily and every now and then, something or someone will come into my line of sight and just fit in with my blog post. I am not one that believes in fate, but I really do appreciate it when it happens. It is moments like this that make me slap myself back into reality and remember that no matter how bad my day is, there are always millions upon millions that have it much worse. People that have it much worse but will have more optimism and motivation than I do right now. Adults that don’t reach the height limit of the rides that they would love to go on, as I may sigh and complain that I am being dragged to a theme park by a loved one.

I will type another post tomorrow on this and the reasons why low mood is a thing, but not a useful thing. Why we should use this negativity to unlock potential and utilise it to become unstoppable. It is possible and is the difference between great success and oh-so common failure.

In a way, I am pleased I can blog about these days, as it reminds me that they occur and always will occur. It is all about riding the wave.


Featured Photo by Eniko Polgar on Unsplash

Second Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

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  1. Hi. Appreciate the share, Your honesty and approach. Riding the Wave more balanced than just sitting there… waiting for that wipeout Wave. Good Luck. Take Care.

  2. I’ve been so inspired by watching the Invictus Games currently on in Sydney – stories of how being able to participate has turned lives around. I’m hoping some of the motivation will rub off onto me. 😉

    1. That is another fine example of a place to find inspiration. I might try and watch it myself as I have never seen them before. I can only hope it motivates you and I!

  3. Someone once said that if a roller coaster didn’t have ups and downs it would just be a train ride. I’ve experienced the kind of day you write about, so I can empathise.

    1. This is true… I guess the benefit of this roller coaster is to have perspective. Without the downs we can’t truly appreciate the ups. Thank you for commenting!

  4. I live for the calm days where I don’t have rollercoaster emotions. Thankfully most of the time when they happen I can reassure myself that they will go away soon!

  5. Hi. Just a reminder that there’s always going to be someone out there who has it worse than you do. That does not mean you should push aside your sadness and your pain just because someone else probably has it worse than you. Your pain and emotions are valid. So is theirs.
    I realised that every time my mental health deteriorates it’s because I kept telling myself that others have it worse than me. Now, I remind myself that though that maybe true, what is also true is that I feel sad right now and I need to acknowledge and accept it and ride it out.

    You’ve got this. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for this, I really do appreciate the time taken to speak on the topic.
      I understand what you’re saying, that I shouldn’t ignore or push the feelings to one side. I also remember in therapy my therapist told me that negative emotions are fine to let out, as it can be healthier than bottling it up.

      Thank you again , and I hope you’re well. You’ve got this too!

      1. Exactly. I’m glad you understand what I was trying to say.

        Have you travelled to New Zealand? If not, you should.

        Take care

  6. I read this post while I was travelling and was unable to respond at the time. We all have blah days. They make the not so blah days feel even better. Wish you well.

  7. Our lives are a series of ups and downs, twists and turns. If it wasn’t, not sure what kind of a life that would be. To see where we’ve been(the down), we need to be someplace else(the ups). It’s easy to get caught or to head down the rod of comparison to others. What have I achieved(compared to my friends); how I’m I as a person(compared to others) and the list goes on.

    Those feeling and senses seem, at least for me, to show up when I’m feeling down about myself. But, then I try to remember or my wife reminds me that we’re living a life most couples or the ones we know envy to some extent. We do things people “our age” don’t do. We hike UP the slope of the ski hill for two hours in the summer just to say we did it.

    Our lives need to be lead with passion. I often find that those with passion, also have those moments of the roller coaster. Ups and downs.

    To see the valleys you’ve been through, you need to be standing on a peak.

    1. ‘To see the valleys you’ve been through, you need to be standing on a peak.’

      Love it. I agree, I feel them mostly when I am feeling down and I need to remind myself I am very lucky in life to be able to travel and live comfortably. It is all about our attitude and self reflection.

      Thank you so much for commenting!

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