I found this guy eating Dominoes in Ayr (as some of you are aware is a small town south of Townsville where I completed my farmwork) stopping for a break from what seems like one hell of a long journey.

In flip flops. On a bicycle.


I have just googled how long this journey is for the first time since I took the picture. And it turns out to be…


This guy has some motivation. I really wish I went over to ask him what his reasons were for doing it, whether he is just travelling down or doing it for charity. He may even still be on this journey, depending on how many stops he has taken. 91 hours on bike, and a little short of 2,000 kilometers. That is pretty impressive.

I used to love bike rides. It was my favourite memory from childhood. The freedom then and even now, avoiding traffic and being able to go off the beaten track. It never gets boring for me, although sadly in adulthood I haven’t kept up the hobby. I haven’t done anything like this however, and I am not sure if I could. It is a huge commitment and would take a lot of physical and mental strength.

Have you ever taken a journey like this? I can only imagine the feeling of accomplishment at the end. He is an inspiration to us all! I hope it went well and if he is still pedaling, I wish him all the best on the journey.


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34 thoughts

  1. Way more ambitious than I could ever be. Many have biked across Canada, but that takes weeks, not hours.

    Don’t know if you’ve heard of Rick Hansen, but he went around the world in his wheelchair in 1985. He’s from here, & my husband worked at the same company as Rick’s dad.

    1. Oh I can imagine! And that is amazing, I have never heard of this person but that is so cool that your husband worked at the same company as his dad!

  2. Flip-flops…

    What gets me is that we Americans really have no conception of how large Australia really is..that is nearly 1,100 miles just along the coast.

    That would be bicycling south from Boston and ending up in…Atlanta, Georgia. Which is well over 80% of the entire Atlantic seaboard.

    1. It is such a huge country. However coming from the UK it is hard for me to grasp the size of the US, let alone Australia! Two huge nations.

  3. Wow that simply incredible, I hAve never been on a journey like that but I imagine it would take a lot of determination and motivation. I hope he made it.

    1. It really would, but a memory that would last a lifetime. I think it is important for all of us to accomplish something that we will remember for life, no matter how we go about it 🙂

    1. It is so alien to me! In the UK, you can look at the weather forecast anywhere and it will probably be the same where you are haha. It is too small for such diverse weather conditions.

      1. I did respond to this sorry, but it hasn’t went through… It is like learning to swim, once you learn it is a skill for life. And one you won’t regret!

        Now jump into that pool :p

  4. That is awesome! I just completed a 50 mile bike ride or 80km and was really proud of it. My husband and I are training to do a ride across the US state of Iowa (RAGBRI) and that is still not nearly the same distance! RAGBRI is only 500 miles or 800km so it will be a lot of training

    1. 50 miles is still much further than I have ever ridden! Good job. The next challenge sounds epic, get the training in there and best of luck for it! Make sure to blog about it 🙂

  5. … I’ve skipped intramural basketball practice for the second time in a row, so I get motivation like that 😂
    My motivation is currently dragging my feet out of my room and getting to class in time. Just barely. So far, it’s working! Maybe in a year I’ll be able to graduate to more serious movement. Like not skipping basketball.

    1. My advice is that you are only young enough to be able to play basketball competitively once, so make sure that time doesn’t pass and you regret it when it is no longer possible. Sometimes I have waves of regret that I didn’t play football more seriously when I was younger.

      29 isn’t too young to be called up by England is it?!

      1. Oh trust me, getting to the semi finals of the WC was all the motivation we needed! I have never seen our country so happy with a performance. It was as if we won xD

  6. Sam – Great picture. I too wonder what his story is. A friend of mine has done a race called the Lumberjack 100 a couple of times. That’s 100 miles on a mountain bike without stopping and going as fast as you can. I admire his ability to do that. I prefer hiking. One summer I hiked over 150 miles but not all at once. I did different hikes with a variety of friends from April to October. It was great fun! -Jill

    1. Wow, that sounds tough! Both the Lumberjack 100 and your hike, however I imagine what gets you through is the enjoyment and satisfaction you get out of it. Well done on that accomplishment though!

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