Spotted this a few days ago as I headed to the Botanic Gardens in Brisbane. There was a protest going on, and behind it a huge rubber duck that stole the show.

I am not sure if the duck is linked to the protest, I doubt it, however they were there at the same time.

*UPDATE: Thank you to Gretchen over at Thoughts Become Words for letting me know this duck is promoting ‘Australia’s biggest duck race’ for cancer research. You can visit the website by clicking here to donate. The event is on Riverside Drive, West End, Brisbane on Sunday 14th October between 11am and 5pm.


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18 thoughts

    1. Little?! That escalated quickly!! I started to get a little terrified at the end xD

      Oh and he looks tiny standing next to Conan when they shake hands haha.

      1. I noticed that too, he looks pretty normal throughout the performance, but at the end, it’s like someone shrank him! This guy’s comedy works on such a personal level, I absolutely love it. I can literally see myself doing the same XD

      1. I will be blogging plenty from here, so keep coming back to my site! 🙂 hopefully it will help you make up your mind.

  1. Ever the know-all 🙂 That duck is a promo for Australia’s Biggest Duck Race to raise money for cancer research. You can purchase a single duckling or a whole flock, or just watch them launch millions of quackers into the river. There’s food stalls, etc, and crazy people paddling large inflatable ducks. Worth a look, Riverside Drive, West End (you could walk there) Sunday 14th October 2018 11am-5pm.

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