These shoes actually have the words ‘left’ and ‘right’ on them. I thought they were stickers but no, it is printed on so you can show off how great you are at putting them on the right way.


Did you put your shoes on the right way today?

Oh, and I wouldn’t recommend these for a job interview.


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36 thoughts

  1. I’m guessing this was made for people like me who stumble out of bed underslept and walk to class with their eyes closed… thank goodness for a pedestrian’s right of way!

      1. I have! I love that Terry Crews is in it. I like it, it’s catchy.

        Your thoughts? (I hope you realise that I just cannot bring myself to ever say anything negative about Muse and their songs!)

      2. I love it too! There’s literally a new riff every two bars. And yeah, it’s super catchy, in the best way! I’m so waiting for November. 💚

      3. Yeah I like the changes as the song goes on. So far it is my favourite alongside The Dark Side and Something Human from the new album. Bring on the rest!

      4. Did you see the Jools Holland performance from the BBC yesterday? They had the trumpets live and it sounded great!

      5. I saw the Dig Down performance, with all the choir and a piano backing, it was so good! I’m yet to see Pressure, I’ll have to dig around on YouTube, iPlayer won’t work here :’(

      6. Just watched it. I really like this version! And to me it is very gospel, like something I would here in a church. Which is interesting considering how non-religious and even anti-religious a lot of their earlier songs are…

      7. Yeah, like Absolution. (It’s literally the first thing that came into my head since I’ve been listening to the entire album non-stop all week. It’s for a 1500-word album review for my writing class, and I’m absolutely loving it. Grade me to review one of my favourite albums? Any day!)

      8. That is so awesome that you are able to grade one of your favourite albums! I wish I had that opportunity in my class haha.

  2. Great post, Sam! Laughed so hard when I saw the picture. Clever title also! I nominated you for a 3 day quote challenge. I know that you blog every day and thought that it might be a fun challenge for you. -Jill

    1. Haha, I love a quote and a challenge, ironically I have responded to this and most of my recent comments late as I have been travelling 🙁 Do you have a link to the post? I will read it when I get the chance and see what I can do 😉 Thanks!

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