Is there a better way to celebrate being paid other than that first celebratory pint? I can’t think of a better way. 

Here I am, at the Pig n Whistle, a traditional British Pub not far from where I am currently staying. I prefer to keep my working life and blogging life seperate as work is completely unrelated to my blog, other than that it helps fund my travels and for that I am very grateful.

Funnily enough, I took this photo recently of a sign outside of one of these pubs, advertising the ‘chicken parmo’ that is popular back home, especially in Middlesbrough where they do these very well. 

And recently I was tagged in this article that can be viewed here, from a local news website back home in the UK mentioning these pubs here in Brisbane, with the headline:

‘You Ripper! The Aussie pubs selling 2,000 ‘Middlesbrough parmos’ a month’

Coincidentally, the article starts by mentioning that a picture recently emerged on social media of an A-board advertising the food outside one of the pubs. It was only a couple of weeks ago that I posted my image to social media, could they have picked up on my picture? 

I guess I may never know…

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    1. It is great that there are plenty of employers out there willing to hire people on working holiday visas, even if we are limited to 6 months work with that specific company.

  1. Isn’t getting that first paycheck from anywhere great!? When I first moved to Boston in 1978, right after college, I took a picture of my waitressing check.I was so excited (That wasn’t my first job btw. It was the first job that I got by myself without help from relatives or friends of the family. I was proud of it.)

    1. Absolutely! Even if you don’t enjoy the work (not speaking about you personally there), that paycheck is a very proud moment. It can be a great confidence boost and very rewarding.

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