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I just got told off and I don’t know who by…

I like the State Library of Queensland. What I have found in Australia is that I feel very safe everywhere, even to the point of having electronic devices out in the open.

I know this is silly anywhere.

But with hostel life, your valuables are always exposed. Rarely have I found lockers in rooms and despite this, nothing has ever went missing.

As I have been settling in Brisbane, I have been using this library for the great wifi and chilled atmosphere. It is great to leave my hostel in the morning, grab myself a $1 coffee from 7-Eleven and make my way down to start my day blogging over one of the many bridges that cross the Brisbane River. Today I felt overly relaxed and left my laptop on the table as I left the library and headed for the bathroom, located just outside the automatic doors. I must have only been gone a couple minutes, but I returned to this.

I thought it was someone walking around advertising a product or service with a business card. Nope, just an eagle eyed staff member making sure I look after my things.

Fair play to the staff, and a reminder that it only takes a second to lose something and nowhere is exempt from this.

Now, I am going to clean my laptop… I have just realised from the photo how dirty it is from using it for five months on a farm. Geez.



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  1. Ha! It took only thirty seconds for a thief, or two, to break into my locked, alarmed car, smash the left windows, no less, and make off with my laptop, which had been laying underneath two day bags. They got a seven-year-old computer, with a loose power pack, which only I could successfully get running. I got a new model and lost no data. Still and all, the library staff is correct.

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