Hello from Brisbane!

Hey everyone, firstly let me thank you for all your great responses to my last post, it is fascinating to read so many posts from so many different people and different interests. I am in fact still responding as my time has been taken up traveling, if I haven’t responded to you I will very, very soon.

And with this, hello from Brisbane! This was taken before the colder, cloudier weather kicked in and is still here.

I already love this city. With a population of just under 1.9 million, it is nowhere near as chaotic as Sydney or Melbourne and seems easy to get around. I feel this city will have everything I need and I am looking forward to exploring. 

There will be plenty of posts coming from this great city!

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    • This is a great city. I won’t be posting as many ‘Travel Diary’ entries here as I will be settling a bit and also working full time to fund my stay. But I am sure there will be enough posts to convince you to visit! :p


  1. Eat, drink and be Kerry

    So happy that you like Brisbane. I am always pleased to come home here. There’s so much good food here to share about too. I hope you enjoy eating some.

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