I look through the welcome pages frequently because I love to see the diversity in bloggers interests, including those that are just getting started on the site. One of the things that caught my eye was the number of new bloggers posting the following:

‘The Journey Begins’

It fascinated me as I wonder why so many choose that exact title. Are they looking at the welcome page and seeing this title regularly and following suit? This would make sense I guess. Or do we humans think a lot more alike than we anticipate and genuinely see blogging as a path or journey, starting with the first post and seeing where it takes us…


Either way, it is interesting.

And with that, what was your first blog post title? Mine was ‘Truth: The Only Saviour’ and you can give it a read here. This was way back in 2014 when I was fully committed to discussing religion and my reasons for leaving. Now, I still want to provide my thoughts on such topics here and there, but infuse it with travel, art and photography. It helps me to remain creative, more inspiring and less conflicting.

And with that I ask you, what was your first blog post? Feel free to share it in the comments below 🙂

Featured image taken in Newcastle, Australia


Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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Happy blogging!

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    1. Haha maybe that will be a blog post in the future, asking for people’s newest posts for me to share 🙂

      I will take a look now!

    1. That is very cool. And I noticed that you have increased your word count, 3,000 words per post means you have lots of writing!

      1. And I originally intended to limit my posts to 1,000 words, so I was chopping posts arbitrarily into parts. Now I try not to go over 4,000 words… 🙂

    1. Nice 🙂 blogging is a great way to provide the content for a book! I know what you mean about reflecting on older posts and realising how much you have developed, sometimes a little reflection on older posts is needed to see the difference!

  1. Ironically, mine was ‘Saying Goodbye’! I started my blog in a bad place shortly after losing a friend to the other side of the world, my corner of the internet it took me 3 years to release to the world! http://www.moldge.com – would be great if you checked it out!

    1. Thanks for the link, did this give you inspiration to travel? Blogging can be a great therapy and it was for me as I started soon after losing my dad. I see your latest post is Bali, I have never been but hopefully I will whilst I am not too far away!

      1. 100%! My first long haul flight alone was to visit her in NZ! I so agree, something about putting your feelings out there without knowing who will read it – scary but therapeutic. Yes I’m currently flying home from Bali, 100% worth a visit, exceeds expectations in every way – many more Bali blogs to come!

      2. Well done on the long haul trip alone! It isn’t for everyone, but I bet it was worth it. Hopefully I will be able to blog about Bali in the future!

  2. I think my real first title was “Well, here goes…” and it took 2 years until I posted my next which just took off. I deleted my blog when it was hacked and when I started up again, WordPress have set up the first blog page with a photo (which I changed) and the title, “The Journey Begins”. I changed the title slightly to “The Journey Begins…Again”. I’m curious now to go back and look at your first page as I was brought up in “the Truth”. 🙂

    1. Ah so that is the reason for so many similar post titles? Interesting! I cannot remember if this was a thing back in 2014.
      Sorry you got hacked, but it is good to see you up and running again 🙂

  3. I do this too, curious about people’s journey

    First blog… vrmmvrmm.blogspot.com

    The name was because love driving and F1. Its basic and couldnt seem to write any more after last post about a friend my son made in hospital. So began again with this blog

    1. I love the name. And way back in ’07 too.

      That is so sad to hear, very emotional. I hope you are well and it is great to see you blogging here 🙂

      1. It is very sad to know that someone so very young – doesnt want to be on this Earth anymore and in one crazy moment can terminate their existance. It shook me up and others very mcuh

      2. 🙁 I totally agree, and it is sadly a reality for a lot of people, and I have had two family members do this. Of course I would never blame anyone for their actions, it’s something we simply cannot comprehend. But there is more and more awareness and help being provided, and hopefully this will be a great help.

      3. Very very sorry to hear this – heartbreaking.

        Personally think mental health services are still in the dark ages in many places – considering everything that is out there in this World.

        Dont think its enough to remove the stigma – but loads more money should be pumped into this part of the NHS to bring it up to date – so pills are not the main way they treat people. It has always been the Cinderella of the NHS which is crazy as people who are struggling also may commit crimes and may have major health problems and side effects from meds.

      4. I agree, although we aren’t capable of understanding the mind as well as we will in the future, more money being put into mental health services would help a great deal. Also, more people need to put more effort into trying to understand certain conditions, or at least accept them. I hear too many people with a tragic lack of sympathy for those we have lot to suicide, labeling them ‘weak’ and/or ‘selfish’ amongst other things.

    1. I was fortunate to remember the name of the post, as I have literally thousands and finding the oldest would be a chore! I feel blogging more helps with my focus, as the longer I leave it, the easier it is to leave.
      As long as you post about the things you love, a degree of focus will exist. I personally enjoy typing posts like this one, as it encourages readers to take part and not just read what I have to say. This in turn creates more focus and drive for me and helps me build relationships!

  4. My first one had something to do with children since I taught preschool at the time. Coming up with a title seems to be the hardest part! I appreciate your honesty about church and wanting to know the truth. Although my blog would probably make your eyes spin to the back of your head because most of it is about my faith, I just want to give my 2 cents worth why I share what I do. Just as you are excited to share about places you’ve traveled to – because of some beautiful scenery or amazing experience that touched you in some way, I share how my life has been touched/taught/changed. I’m sure there are people out there who try to force what they believe on others, but please know – not all have that on their agenda.

    1. Thanks for sharing, I am trying to build a more welcoming blog so I can chat to people of all faiths. Blogging is good that you can say what you want without it being pushy, if people want to read or walk away, they have the option.

      You’re right about titles, they are one of the hardest parts of publishing a post! That and choosing a picture is a struggle for me every time.

  5. I have no earthly idea. Started blogging back in the dark ages of Yahoo 360, lived through MASH, Multiply, Blogster and now I’m here. Nothing very remarkable about my blogging journey… just enjoy finding the irony in life!

    1. It seems you have a passion for blogging, and probably a head start on many of us! How do the blogging channels compare, do you prefer WordPress or any others?

      1. Yahoo 360 was a good platform, fun because it was the early days and we were all just figuring it out. MASH was a complete disaster and didn’t last long. Multiply was smaller, with a feeling of community… I hated to see that one die. Blogster had a great setup… with private communication and lots of privacy settings, but the owners lost interest and it became bogged down with technical issues and trolls. It’s taken me a while to feel my way around here… but I’m really enjoying it. Much larger than what I’m used to, but sooo many great writers to explore.

      2. Fascinating to hear the difference between the sites, hopefully this one is up and running for a long time! Thank you for the comments 🙂

      3. It’s strange, but they all have different ebbs and flows. I notice a lot of drive by liking here, not as much commenting. And people will follow you… but never have any interaction. That seems a bit odd to me. But this site is much larger and wider reaching tham the others so it’s probably to be expected.

      4. I admit I have liked blogs without interacting. But with the amount I post whilst travelling, I am probably 90% posting and 10% reading other blogs and I don’t mind as I am very grateful to have great interaction with bloggers on my posts. I never drive by like, however I have it happen to me and this is a reason why some blogs receive so many follows. It is a way of advertising and I also see this on Instagram too!

      5. I noticed that…. some guy like bombed me the other day. 22 likes in 20 seconds, what’s up with that? And I know this is a larger platform than I’m used to… but why follow someone you have no intention of ever reading? Seems silly to me.

      6. I get these bulk likes too and it makes it obvious that the person isn’t actually reading the posts! And with that I know a lot of people that follow me probably don’t interact with me on my blog, so if anything this motivates me further to create interesting posts that will make people read. It is a good motivator!

      7. You’re a far better person than I. If you’re lurking my site without any interaction for 8 months? I’m apt to drop you instead of be motivated to improve my writing!

      8. Haha well you need to change your mentality to be pumped up by things that annoy you instead of being angry and distracted by them 🙂 you can really learn to benefit from the things that grind your gears and mould them into great productivity!

      9. You’re probably right, and I probably won’t change. When it comes to blogging, I’m as productive as I want to be. 😉
        And the lurkers don’t anger me, I just think it’s silly. Ah, well… each to their own. I don’t lose sleep over it. And I really am enjoying WordPress.

  6. The first blog post I did was for Tumblr in July of 2015. The title was “but what’s up with that title?” It was an answer to the question what kind of title for a blog is 30 Plus Teams 30 Plus Dreams and what does that mean?

    1. Beautifully written, I felt peaceful just reading it. Thank you for not putting pictures of spiders in, I scrolled down veryyyy slowly after that mention, but all was well! Beautiful photographs.

  7. Mine was first called “First blog post”, because I felt kind of lazy to change it, and it felt kind of appropriate… but then my friend gave me the stare down the next day, and I eventually changed it to “Survey #1” (which, in hindsight, is also just as appropriate…)
    So I basically went around school asking everybody what they’d do with a time machine, and got some really interesting answers, and ended up making this blog just to put the answers out, and it sort of became a habit with me and I ended up doing a question of that sort every week until the end of school, so that was fun!
    In case you’re curious, I’ve the link (I look back on it, and I think my wiring was real cautious and formal back then,)!

    1. Hi, I really enjoyed this, the answers were good, a lot of effort went into the project, and the introduction was good. Best of all I like the following through on a random idea and that ‘the bizarre does have some relevance in life!’

      1. Thanks for reading, and I’m so glad you enjoyed it! It’s been two years, and I still do very strongly believe in that philosophy; the bizarre does definitely play a massive role in our lives! I’ve learned a ton from these surveys myself, about me and the people around me, and best of all, I’ve also a huge databank of memories from school to live on!

  8. Hi Sam. Thanks for doing this! I’m going to read your old posts, they sound interesting! And some ìn the comments have really grabbed my attention too! Mine was ‘Is Fun the Final Frontier?’ I still struggle with giving myself permission to relax and enjoy myself sometimes, it’s easier if I have written well that day! I have been re-reading and reposting my blog blog posts from when I first started four years ago as part of Throwback Thursday, and it’s been interesting and illuminating to reflect on where I was and where I am! All the best, Rachel. http://www.sadiewolfblog.wordpress.com

    1. Thank you for sharing! I actually started to share some old posts too, but I never kept it up. It’s a great idea and I probably should consider it again.
      I’ll take a look!

  9. Love your curiosity! I still get nervous posting blogs even with being almost a year into this blogging adventure and positive feedback. The wonderful people in this blogging community make it all worth it. My first blog was https://wanderingnirvana.com/2017/12/02/first-blog-post/
    I was inspired to start blogging after a very brutal hospital stay caused by a itty bitty tick, tick infection turned septic and I literally thought I was not going to make it out of those hospital walls. With kidneys failing, not being able to stand or eat/drink in 2.5 days followed with the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life. My son was all natural and this experience made birth a cake walk. That was mentally damaging to me so about to be cliché here but changed my perspective on life even more. We are never guaranteed tomorrow and we should be doing with our days what we love the most and be treating people how we would want them to remember us. I am extremely passionate about the outdoors, hiking, camping, traveling, if it has anything to do with outside I am in and I want to inspire others to leave the technology outside grab your kids and get in the woods. Nature is a damn good teacher and healer. Thank you Sam for this opportunity to post and get my voice out there a bit more. Have a brilliant and wonderful day.

    1. Thank you for sharing! This is a fascinating and emotional post and your response to this experience really is how I try to live my life. Scary, and a story that has to be shared!

  10. If I go way back to my first ever blog and post, it was “let me introduce myself” on July 8, 2010. I wanted to share my stories on a platform other than Facebook, where I was afraid my images would be lost among the abundance of cat photos. Coming from a career in media, I was curious to participate in the great digital experiment. I finally shut down that blog 4 years ago after careening back and forth between 3 blogs, 2 Facebook pages, a digital magazine, twitter and instagram. Now I only have 1 blog, 3 Facebook pages and instagram. That’s enough, I’m tired and retired; I’m supposed to be enjoying life, LOL…

    1. Haha, yeah that now sounds like a healthy amount of sites to run. It is good to have other platforms to gain a larger audience, I am considering it.

      Keep at it! 🙂

  11. What an interesting question! 🙂 And I just realized I don’t have a welcome page… I have an about page and a front page though… hmm… My first blog post was called “Welcome to the blog” though, funnily enough!
    https://thesnowmeltssomewhere.wordpress.com/2015/02/08/travel-photography/ I had to look it up, couldn’t even remember it anymore!
    I can see how the idea of discussing religion can wear off in a while… My blog’s initial idea changed too, I guess that’s normal!
    Happy blogging!

    1. Change is healthy 🙂 And blogs are great as they can be edited at anytime, even the website address! I have made three large changes in style so far, maybe I will again in the future.

      I agree, that it is great that people can add their blog links here and find others, I am actually about to set up a ‘meet and greet’ page for the community to share their pages 🙂 You will have to visit the page when it is set up 🙂

    1. Free time such as waiting for a flight is great blogging time. I now blog on my commutes to work, when I am in a hospital waiting room (rare thankfully!) or in an airport as this is time that is usually wasted.

      Thank you for the link Pratik!

  12. Interesting post! I believe WordPress defaults all first post titles to ‘The Journey Begins’ as I’ve just started my blog today and had those exact words in front of me.

    Speaking of starting my blog today, my first post was entitled ‘Grinding to a Start’.

    1. Thank you for sharing! I wasn’t aware of this before I posted this, so thank you for enlightening me.

      I hope you’re having a great weekend, and good luck with your blog!

  13. Thanks for visiting my site recently, I appreciate that. I liked your site, I found it unpredicatable, you were asking about starting blogs, mine was not unusual, but my original home page was, it has been archived now I think, I am very new to this world, I wrote a diary in emails for my friends then with problems of internet acces I have been forced to use this blog site to get my diaries out to them.

    1. No problem Don, thank you for stopping by mine too and contributing to my post.

      That is an interesting way to come to blogging, and I am pleased it helped to work around the internet problem. I have used my blog as a diary at times, and I like that you can change the privacy settings depending on what you want to be public or not.

      Thanks again!

  14. My first blog post was in May of 2015 and was titled “Impermanence or Why I Started Writing a Blog”
    I wasn’t trying to be clever or anything like that. I just felt that I had better start doing some of the things that I want to do. Blogging was one of those things. I am very glad that I did.
    Another great, thought provoking post. -Jill

    1. I am very glad you did too 🙂 some people never go about the things they want to do, and is a great shame. Life is too sort not to!

      Thanks for sharing your post here 🙂

  15. I started my blog in 2014 as well, so had my 5th ‘bloghiversary’ in April. My first post was titled ‘Perche questo blog?/Why write a blog? and it was an introduction to my motives. My next post, the first ‘real’ post was ‘Il Gigante’ about Michelangelo’s David. i’ll have to go back and read them again! Here’s to another 5 or more years of blogging for both of us! Ciao, Cristina

    1. Absolutely, here’s to another five years!! It is great you have been blogging for so long, and I think it would be great for you to go back to your old posts and see how you have evolved and how your style has changed over time. Keep it up! 🙂

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