This was the last leg of my two days on the island. With stunning views down the boardwalk to the Champagne Pools and up to a well known whale watching spot, this is a must do on Fraser Island.


The Champagne Pools are popular for the ocean waves crashing over volcanic rock. It almost creates a natural hot tub as it bubbles over occasionally, just enough to make it an enjoyable and safe experience.

After staying down here for 45 minutes or so, we headed to higher ground. Coincidentally I met a group that I had spoken to much further up the east coast right here. Australia is such a small country in that regard. I have travelled 15 hours south and still bump into the same people.


We could see the occasional whale coming up for air. Sadly however I wasn’t able to grab a shot in the very short time they did this. Still worth taking pictures from this viewpoint though!


This guy was crazy… Who would sit this close to the edge?! Geez.


I did this tour with Dingo’s, information can be found on their site by clicking here. The image above was just a cooler bus to snap and a different company.

I hope you enjoyed the posts related to this trip, it was a great experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

I will see you in the comments!

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