Travel Diaries: Lake McKenzie (Fraser Island Trip)

For any eagle eyed readers of my blog, you may have noticed a slight resemblance between Lake Mckenzie and Whitehaven beach that I blogged about here in my Whitsundays post. The sand on this beach is the same sand that makes Whitehaven so unique. I was under the impression that Whitehaven was the only beach to have this 98% silica beneath my feet, but here I am standing on it once again!IMG_7748

The depth increases rather quickly in this lake, the reason for the change in colour seen in the images above and below.


I really cannot get over how clear the water is in Australia…


Lake Mckenzie! What did you think? Have you been? Let me know and as always, thanks for reading and I will see you in the comments πŸ™‚

Click here for Fraser Island Part One: Lake Wabby


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      • Haha well I have learned that in the UK we are led to believe anything will kill you at any time in Australia, but living here has made me relax a little more. But even back home I am skeptical about putting my feet in the water, I think I just have a phobia of large bodies of water…

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      • yourtravelpaige

        Haha yes I think everyone not from Australia has that fear! Glad it’s easing though… I agree. It is big and deep down there!

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    • It is definitely a place I would recommend. I believe Prince Harry and Megan are going to go there whilst visiting visit Fraser Island, so I expect to see plenty of pictures in the media from here. I hope you visit soon!


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