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Don’t be fooled by Australian beach photos…

Don’t let this view fool you, it’s still bloody cold in the mornings here as we aren’t quite into summer. The further south I go, the more I keep up with the cold weather. 

I knew my ski jacket would come in handy.

Nothing french toast with crispy bacon can’t fix.

What are you having for breakfast this morning?

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      • Albany was just a chosen example from Australia (since you thought it was kind of cold? 🙂
        Ionce lived in the Perth/Freemantle area up W.A., but born and bred Norwegian still living on ‘the top of the world’ 🙂

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      • Ah Norway, now it makes sense to me, sorry 🙂 I am not too far away from you, being from Newcastle, I remember getting the ferry from there to Stavanger and Bergen when I was young. Beautiful country, and was having a heatwave!


    • That’s exciting man! Good luck 🙂 It does look that colour, I admittedly changed the filter because it really enhanced the sun and I really liked it, I guess the sky appears a little darker than it was at the time. But I never use a filter to completely change what I’m seeing, just to add to it a little. I prefer to not use them at all as I like to upload exactly what I am seeing.

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  1. French toast is my favorite! My husband actually used up hot dog buns that were going stale to make some last weekend, it worked well! My normal breakfast though is maple brown sugar flavored Cream of Wheat and a piece of toast.

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