I have spent a lot of time the past couple days just gazing at the skies. Ayr often sees days without a single cloud, which makes these ‘clouds’ stand out so much more. 

Sadly, I’ve been working when some I’ve seen some of the best. I’m not religious in the slightest (shock horror to my longest followers!), but I would certainly say some of these have been of biblical proportions, particularly as the sun is rising/setting and the rays of light beam through. They almost look like clouds of fire.

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  1. We live with that type of cloud every year from the wildfires. Sunsets are very colourful too. None of it really pleasant with knowing the source. My daughter’s town is on alert now, for possible evac.

    1. I also live in an area with wildfires; currently we are in a level 2 fire ban and were evacuated 2 years ago. Scary stuff for sure. The trade off of beautiful sunrises and fascinating colors in the skies is a silver lining, but one that we would gladly give up.

      1. Yeah, our whole city was evacuated a year ago, & many were throughout the province of British Columbia. We, & the cats were lucky enough to stay with our son up north……but fires were near his city as well. Smoke was a problem everywhere, & we broke all time records for wildfires, hectares burned & 2017 was listed as the worst fire season ever. We’re so far doing ok this year, but my daughter’s city is on alert.

      2. Yes, we get lots of the US news, & fire seems to top the headlines now every year. At least our daughter has had experience before & knows what to pack, & her kids are older now too.

      3. I keep saying that the filthy rich, political climate change deniers need to fight these fires for 6 months, & then the flooding afterwards because the vegetation is gone, & see if they still think its fake news!!!….Not naming that thing in the whitehouse of course…….

      4. They are ridiculous!

        I live in an area that should have about 3 months of continuous below freezing weather in winter & moderate summers with the wildfires distant from the towns. Now we have warmer, shorter winters, sometimes rain, rather than snow, & temps at the freezing point or above for much of ”winter”. This makes the fire situation worse with not getting the snowpack we need.

        Summers are now scorchers with near 100*F. temps, & that is hazardous in a forestry province. My city alone is surrounded by forest, so we watch out the windows constantly for signs of smoke, all spring/summer long.

      5. It sounds like a beautiful place Laura, it’s just a shame that it is threatened with wildfires!

      6. Thank you Sam. It’s beautiful which is what drew us here. This week has been rainy so the sheriff dropped us to a level one fire ban yesterday but it’s still a serious situation and all it takes is one careless person.

    1. We pretty much are now as the drought is bad, & winter no longer takes care of it. April to September is official ”fire season”, but they start before that, & go on longer as well. Some of last year’s fires, burned all winter, underground.

  2. Just Wow! — I’ve been gone for a while, have you changed your website’s design again? 😛

    1. Where have you been?! :p
      And I have changed my design considerably at least three times in the years I’ve been blogging, so possibly. Who knows, it might change again haha. I like this current look as it focuses on the images of the posts.

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