I’m 29! How to survive a birthday away from home 

I’m clinging onto my twenties as best as I can. To think that I’m 30 next year sounds crazy to me, but I also thought the same thing when I turned ten. ‘You’re in double digits now!’, I still remember my mum saying this and was strange. I felt so old. Then I was legally allowed to drink at 18. Then I turned 20 and I was in my twenties. I’m sure in ‘old age’ I will look back at 30 like I do now thinking of my previous milestones. Youth is relative. 

With each birthday I experience, I try not to freak out about getting older and try to remember that I have had another year on earth. Another year allowing me to keep enjoying experiences, friendships, love and learning. Should I really freak out about reaching the big 3-0? It’s an age people sadly don’t always reach. I have seen this myself. 

So this post isn’t really about learning to deal with having a birthday away from friends and family. It’s more that we should cherish the opportunities to travel and make the most of another year as best as we can. I wish I could be with my family right now, but I will see them soon anyway. I’m more focused on them saving up to see me out here in Australia later in the year. A holiday we can all enjoy together in a destination they have always wanted to visit makes up for not being there for my birthday. I personally would prefer to have that kind of experience. At the end of the day, a birthday is just a day. Memories and experiences are much more important to me.

But I had a great day! My roommates surprised me with a nice cake, a crate of beer and a very fun night. I read all the lovely messages from backpackers in a lovely card, beer pong commenced and I tried to order McDonalds through the drive-thru at 4am and pretended I was in a car. 

It didn’t work.

But it was a joint celebration for only having 20 days of farmwork left. I’m almost in my teens, it’s nice that despite counting the years going by, I can count down to something. 

I hope you all had a great weekend.

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    • Very far from the US! Especially around that time, instant communication/internet has made the world a much smaller place. I’m not sure if I could have travelled before contacting my family became so easy!
      Thank you for the birthday wishes 🙂

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  1. Happy birthday!
    Spending birthdays abroad are always interesting. My first birthday abroad was when I turned 21 after being in Korea for a month. It’s kind of anticlimactic to reach the American drinking age only to find yourself in a country where you could drink from 19.
    Since then, I’ve spent my 25th, 27,28, and 29th abroad. Last year I was traveling solo in New Zealand and it was both humbling and also incredible.
    I’ll be the big 3-0 in two months and I’m trying to figure out how to have a proper Dubai shindig for the new decade. :O
    Best wishes again 🙂

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    • Haha, when I travelled to the US I just turned 21, which was a relief as the drinking age in the UK is 18! I bet Korea was fun, never been but it looks fascinating from what I have seen/heard. An interesting next door neighbour too 😉
      It sounds like you have made the most of your twenties, thank you for the birthday wishes and I hope you have a great 30th!


    • It’s good to question whether you are making the most of your time, because a lot of people don’t until it’s too late! Thank you for the birthday wishes and I hope you have an action packed year 😉


  2. Happy Birthday! I’m 31 and originally wanted to do something “crazy” for my 30th like an insane haircut or a tattoo. My hairdresser talked me out the haircut I was going to go for saying that my style of hair it just wouldn’t work right and growing it out would likely be a nightmare. I’ve always wanted a tattoo but have no pain tolerance. So it was treated like any other birthday which worked out fine. Sometimes I miss the drama of my 20s because there were a lot of fun memories, but I’m rather happy with the chillness of my 30s so far.

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    • I’ve thought about a tattoo, but I would really, really have to consider a design that I loved. I couldn’t walk into a shop and pick one out. Im sorry your hair wasn’t right for the style you wanted 😂 I’m thinking of not cutting mine for the foreseeable future and seeing how it goes. We shall see!
      I like the sound of a more chilled 30’s, I’ll see how that goes though. It would be nice, but I also want to do as much as I can in that decade. Maybe I’ll leave the chilled part to my late thirties :p

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  3. First of all happy birthday. I actually don’t remember my 29th birthday, but I do remember my 30th. I CRIED because I was getting older. My later sister in all of her typical new York wisdom asked me wtf was I crying about? Wait till you hit my age with 7 children !” She was 55 at the time and told me to enjoy life while I can because you never know. 35 years later looking back on it, she was right. I try to do as much as the good Lord allows because we’ll you never know. Age is a number embrace it, the good and the bad years.don’t be afraid that you’re getting older.

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  4. tatendagblog

    This is late but I liked this post. I can relate to having to celebrate important days in your life without friends and family. Distance does make the heart grow fonder. And yes it’s important to make most of our travelling experiences. Happy belated birthday!

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