There is always a cute animal around the corner in rural Australia

As I was mango pruning (with Honey, the dog in my last post) a colleague noticed what we assumed was a Frilled- Necked Lizard in a tree. It wasn’t until we went up to it and gave it a little nudge that we saw it do this with its neck, helping us to narrow down the species.

We didn’t leave it be in the tree as we had to cut down the ‘dead shit’ as our farmer calls it, dead leaves and whole branches stopping the spread of disease to the healthy branches. One of the local farmers picked it up by its tail and moved it onto the ground, but not until I managed to get a good shot of it first. It was much safer for it than to be in the tree whilst we throw a great big saw around.

Isn’t the world amazing? It reminds me of this scene in Jurassic Park, involving Nedry and a curious yet aggressive Dilophosaurus.

Have you seen a frilled-necked lizard before? Would you be mesmerised or terrified if you stumbled across one?

Thankfully, I got to see an animal up close that resembles a Jurassic beast, small enough to let me live to tell the tale.

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    • Although it does look like one, it isn’t. It is when the farmer was carrying him away from the tree when I quickly managed a shot. I wish it had a prehensile tail!


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