I wanted to repost my beautiful flight from Cairns to Sydney recently, these four images show the journey from Queensland to New South Wales and what an Australian summer tends to be like. Beautiful clear waters and blue skies, all before a storm hits and brings a bit of cool. And a double rainbow… 


And back in the UK, the ‘Beast from the East’ has arrived.

This is a winter storm that has affected much of the UK and brought some pretty impressive snow drifts. This shot was taken from the Crook Police Facebook page, Crook being a town very close to where I am from.


Now it is very hard to tell the magnitude of the snow problem in the UK, as we are simply unable to deal with winter when snow hits. A couple inches of snow causes chaos, anything more is apocalyptic. Then again, if this is your view upon opening your front door, then maybe you do have an excuse to call work telling them you will be a few hours late…


This photo was taken by the Buckle family in Cumbria, I found the story on the news site Metro. Image from North News & Pictures. This sight would terrify me, especially in an isolated area. Shivers.

I seem to miss the really bad winter storms that we get every few years or so. The last really bad winter I heard about in the UK was when I was living in Texas, not that their winter was kind to me, I remember walking over frozen swimming pools. But since then, each and every UK winter has had a sting in the tail, but not to this extent.

Now I am in Sydney, the same thing has happened. Maybe I am a curse? Like the mythical mothman, instead I am not feared when I am seen but feared when I depart the UK over winter. That is a sign that everyone needs to stock up on bread and fire logs.

How bad do your winters get? Is your country able to deal with snowstorms? You may have one now, typing away ferociously to stay warm. Let me know!

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  1. Hahahaha……we are under a meter of snow at the moment! Ours is dry & powdery though so not too bad to clear. We have plenty of equipment to deal with it but our current mayor has decided the residential streets don’t need to be cleared, & then he’s so proud of saving on the snow budget. Meanwhile the hospital is setting broken bones from falls!

    Great photos as usual, Sam!

    1. I am sure Canada’s residential streets are much better equipped than our motorways xD
      I always imagine Canada to have great preparations for heavy snowfall.

      1. We do, but they have to be used to accomplish anything, & our mayor has chosen cutbacks over clearing & safety.

        The neighbours who have ATV’s with blades on the front, are clearing things right out front, but that doesn’t include everyone, & going to town is a nightmare.

  2. That’s cool you lived in Texas! Where abouts? I’m currently living here in Texas as well. But I’m originally from the cold country of Canada. Every time it snows here I get accused of causing it. Haha! March has brought sunny days so I’m in the clear for now. Great post!

  3. That last picture is called a NY beer fridge. You just make a few holes and – voila! – instant beer storage (yes, we get this rather frequently. It plays merry hell with screen doors though. If you hear frantic “PUSH! PUSH!” shouting from behind a wall of snow, chances are it’s not a lady having a baby…).

    Germany is currently emerging from a deep freeze – not much snow but a fine cold (minus 12 to minus 18 celsius), yet by tomorrow it’s supposed to be plus 10ish. Talk about weird weather…

    1. Haha a NY beer fridge, that’s hilarious. It would totally look like a fridge too.

      That sounds very cold in Germany! Colder than in the UK from what I have seen, I wouldn’t want -18c!!

  4. Your latest posts are interesting and sometimes funny, I liked your photos. The picture with the rainbows is amazing like the others, such as of the sky and sea. The Great Barrier Reef is wonderful. About the bad weather…The snow is rare in Rome and when it happens(regardless the beautiful landscapes)cause enough problems but now there is a shy sun. Anyway, I do not know if you are the mothman, but you are surely far away from the Point Pleasent๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it when you take time out to let me know what you think ๐Ÿ™‚
      Did Rome get snow recently? I am sure I saw pictures of the city with a dusting not too long ago ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I’m from Southern California and I’ve never seen snow! Well except one time I went to Big Bear Lake… but where I’m from there isn’t any. I live near the beach so it would be kind of hard to get snow here… hahaha… There’s something so calming about airplane pics, you know? Great post!

    1. I still find it amazing that some people have never seen snow! But there are many things I haven’t seen either, it’s amazing to think how diverse our climates are. I’m sure there are people really north in the UK that have never seen sunlight xD

  6. When I was staying at Bomdila our doors would get snowed-out overnight & then other people will come & shovel it off! ๐Ÿ˜

  7. We’ve had colder than usual temperatures for February and the start of March and uncharacteristic heavier snowfall. At least it’s been sunny between, but the spring buds are less developed than typical, so the blooms will be a little late, I think. We get weather similar to London since we’re at about the same latitude.

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