Hello from Wollongong!

I had a quick trip south of Sydney today to a place called Wollongong, although we didn’t venture into the city. Instead we stopped of at a great pub for lunch and had a drive over the Sea Cliff Bridge, which can be seen if you look reaaaally closely in the below image.

It was a great drive, however it was sad to see so much of the bush around us black from fires. It really shows what challenge firefighters have to contain a wildfire, as well as how easy it is to set one. 

There were some pretty nice cars along the journey, with some pretty happy dogs inside them. 

Lunch with a view.

What are you doing this weekend? Let me know, and have a great one!


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    • I have heard from a few businessmen in the hotel I work at that they are heading back to some pretty cold weather in London… Must be interesting to travel between two seasons in such a short space of time! I hope the weather picks up a little for you 🙂

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    • Cool! I bet it has, although being so new to the area I would have little idea of those changes! It would be nice for you to see the changes for yourself, I bet it is fascinating.

      It’s great to know that you lived here!

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