Australia Day 2018: A Quick Teaser

Sydney Harbour is alive today. Not that it isn’t always incredibly active, but today is different. Thousands of boats are bobbing on the ocean, helicopters are circling the harbour with huge Australian flags hanging below them. The quay is packed with people and food stalls, flags and a huge stage has been placed in the water for musical entertainment. 

And a Qantas A380 has also been popping by to say hello. 

I will put together a post with my various photos for the blog and my Travel Diary. I’ll see you all soon!

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  1. Incidentally, it’s also Republic Day here in India! The flags are flying high, so are the jet planes, and we have a breathtaking Republic Day Parade every year, where they showcase every Indian state’s prowess on tableaus and have a perfectly synchronized march past and stunts on display by the Air Force!

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    • I learned that today, as I work with a girl from Bangalore and she was watching it live on YouTube! It was also a friends birthday, so it was a triple whammy for me xD
      I managed to watch only some of the parade, I heard that this year leaders of various Asian nations were the guests? I do not know much about Republic Day, although I am keen to learn ๐Ÿ™‚

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