Today it has finally hit 40 degrees, a temperature this half English- half Scottish guy was warned about and not designed for. Celsius that is for you Fahrenheit fans out there, I am sure 40f would be a completely different story. It is roughly 104 Fahrenheit if the first converter I found on Google is accurate.

The weather in the UK has never hit 40c in recorded history. Looking at this Wikipedia article it has come close, but not reached this level of heat. No doubt it made headlines back in 2003! 

Funnily enough, the 10th August is my sisters birthday, the 30th June is mine. Strange!

It is fascinating that a temperature the UK never experiences is just another summers day in Australia. It is equally fascinating to me that whilst the Southern Hemisphere is baking, the Northern Hemisphere (the UK at least) is freezing. Sometimes I don’t know if the world is incredibly big or unbelievable tiny. It depends on what I am comparing it to I guess. Big enough to be home to all kind of weather systems, drastically changing landscapes and life forms… small enough for us to cover it all in 24 hours or so. If one rock orbiting the sun varies so much, what is at the end of the universe? It’s enough to melt my already overheating brain.

It is safe to say I will be spending the midday indoors to avoid bursting into flames. Mid twenties is my comfort zone, however 40c isn’t as bad as I first feared. Thankfully I arrived in September, a good time to climatise before the heat truly hit.

Is 40c a temperature you are used to? Are you currently sitting through summer or winter? Let me know, I am sure many of my readers are used to extremes that we just don’t get growing up in the UK.

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  1. The irony of your comments are that yesterday, I was having a similar conversation with a friend about the way the weather experienced here can be so different in the other hemisphere. I know it should seem obvious but the dichotomies still amaze me at times.

    1. Strange timing πŸ™‚ It is obvious, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fascinating! I love reflecting on how diverse the world is, we live on a truly incredible planet and I try not to take it for granted. Thanks for commenting after having similar thoughts!

    1. When I lived in Texas, it certainly hit some crazy temps! It broke a couple of records as I recall back in 2010/11 too in Lubbock, and I was not warned about how cold it got in winter. I was able to walk over frozen swimming pools!

      1. Lubbock has its own weird weather! I don’t miss the red sand storms, the blazing heat or the crazy winter. I loved Tech and wish it had been in Houston!

      2. It’s strange, I was in a bar in Sydney a couple days back watching Tech basketball on TV with my Texas sticker on my laptop… I was going to post it on my blog but didn’t get round to it. I felt nostalgic, so I will soon πŸ™‚

  2. We’ve been close to that temp here in summer which does not help our wildfire risk. It never used to get near that but since global warming, we’re getting hotter, & hotter summers. I HATE heat, & anything beyond 25*C. is too much for me.

    1. Yeah I never associated Canada with wildfires until recently. I would say that it is something we don’t see in the UK, however I recall the UK having wildfire issues when I was living in the States. It may have been triggered by arson, but it is still pretty unheard of.

      1. Much here is forestry, & wildfires have always been around, but not to the extent they have been over the last 20 years or so. It is also something new for whole cities to be threatened, &/or evacuated. 2017 was the worst on record……some claim to fame!

    1. Geez, 53.5 is insane! However it doesn’t surprise me in Pakistan, as it seems to be a very hot region of the world. Do people tend to stay indoors in this case, or go about their daily business?

      1. Well, Pakistan is closer to the equator that’s why its so hot during summer. Oh, they are advised to stay indoors when the temp gets really high like between 45 to 50c , the govt run informative ads on Tv about how not to go out much specially during 2-4pm in the afternoon when the heat is at its peak! But many people still go out because of work specially the poor suffer the most because the poorest of the poor live on streets and they can’t really do much about it . I remember just in 2015, the situation was so bad that more than 1000 people died due to severe heat wave in Sindh province alone. Heat wave is worst during May.

      2. Wow, so many people lost during the heatwave, that’s tragic. It must be very difficult to be homeless, particularly around this time… I see plenty of homeless people in Sydney although they set up camp indoors, such as train stations. We are very fortunate to have these issues!

      3. Yeah , I know its sad, there is so much poverty in the world and we are the lucky few who have a roof over our heads. I have seen poor people in little camps on the road side but those camps aren’t even proper they are made of ragged pieces of sheets or clothes.

      4. I see that too, we really are fortunate for being born in the conditions we are in, with a roof over our heads and the ability to us WiFi to speak to others around the world. Hopefully the future will be full of improvements for people in very poor conditions.

      1. Six is good for nothing but chilling beers! That is the great thing about cold weather… no room in the fridge? Just leave it outside πŸ™‚

      2. I know! Lol I was about to suggest that after Christmas dinner with all the leftovers, but then realized that doesn’t work down there!!🀣. This weather has to be good for something!

  3. I was in Maidenhead UK in summer 2003 having gone there from Brisbane in Jan 2003. The temps might only show mid-30’s for that time but the humidity was almost as intense as the mid-30’s in Qld! It’s a pleasant and dry 41 here on the Victorian border today. Actually not so pleasant πŸ˜‰

      1. Brisbane might seem to have mild temperatures in the mid-30’s but believe me, when the humidity is so high that the moment you step out of the shower in the morning, you’re sweating all over, it’s not pleasant and worse than high temps but dry heat. I thought going to the UK I’d enjoy 4 seasons, which I did but that summer of 2003, which you have listed in a table above, it was exceptionally humid in S-E England and something I was not expecting. Fortunately the next 3 years were more typically a British summer πŸ™‚

      2. Yeah that was bad timing for you! But summers don’t usually last too long and the rain often more than makes up for it, haha.

    1. Ouch, I hope you were prepared! Now the sun has set, it feels so good. Today has been a valuable reminder, I can’t afford to be unprepared in these extremes for when I travel, nature can be pretty harsh! I cannot take aircon and shelter for granted when I am away from home…

  4. When I visited Australia in 2009 I encountered a highest temperature of 46 degrees Celsius in Melbourne, and there was a spell of several weeks in Adelaide during which daytime temperatures topped 40 on a consistent basis. I was hearing while listening to commentary on the current test match at the SCG that while the official outside temperature is 39 Celsius the temperature out on the pitch was 57 Celsius.

    1. I really hope it doesn’t hit 40 consistently! And 57?! Is that true?! That’s unbearable, especially for the batsmen in all those pads.

  5. I just returned from a brief holiday in Denmark and really struggled today. Heatwave and jet lag is a terrible combo. Asked my sister to send me some snow. I received a screen shot showing -4c ….didnt cool me down much but nice thought 😁

  6. Blimey! When I tell people I’m from Arizona, Brits envy the sunshine. Little do they know the temperatures are 43C for months on end. However, it’s a dry heat and the winters are really nice!

    1. We Brits like to complain, it’s too cold half the time and when the summer kicks in we love to complain that it is too hot to do anything haha. I bet many of us wouldn’t last a couple of months in 43c, although a dry heat helps. Arizona is one of those States that just sounds hot all the time!

      You’re the second person to comment from Arizona today too, a popular place to blog from it seems! πŸ™‚

    1. Oh I wouldn’t be surprised! Medium-rare please πŸ˜€

      I am still sweating now, the aircon at work isn’t great…

      1. Hahaha done!

        I’m not surprised!! Even though it’s cooled down I’m still feeling after effects of sweltering heat from earlier!!

        Stay hydrated my friend!! I look forward to reading more of your stuff! 😁

      2. Thank you πŸ™‚ It is nice to hear you enjoy reading. I am drinking plenty of water to keep this blog fueled!

  7. It was almost too hot to think. Luckily I thought ahead and spent the hottest part at the movies. Glad it’s down to an acceptable temperature now!

      1. I watched a Slovak-Czech film about a manipulative teacher in the 1980’s. Quite good! I just joined a Movie Club so I get cheaper tickets Fri the next couple of years!

      2. Nice! Well it is safe to say I have never heard of that one… although many of these films are better than the huge Hollywood movies. It sounds like an interesting one πŸ™‚

  8. I’m so jealous of the heat! I am currently -16 where I am right now (: Enjoy that heat!

    1. Where exactly? That is going from one extreme to another! Although I wouldn’t fancy -16, it would be a nice break from this. I am trying to enjoy it without complaining, although it is a challenge haha.

  9. Unfortunately those temperatures are a norm in south Texas in the spring-summer. I’ve never been a fan of the extreme heat and it contributes to me not being able to enjoy Texas as much as I do other places I’ve traveled. =(

    1. Yeah Texas gets some heat alright, although I never ventured too far south whilst there. We had fire bans and you could really see the aftermath of a lot of wild fires, at least in West Texas it was a dry heat.

  10. We are in Summer, too, but they call it the wet season. It’s hot and muggy, and there’s almost no wind. I’m still glad to be here, rather than the Northern winter I lived through every other year before now. How is the humidity in Sydney?

    1. It isn’t too bad compared to places I have been with a lot of humidity… I do find myself sweating buckets whilst indoors with little aircon, but when I am out it isn’t too uncomfortable or muggy, a fairly dry heat.

  11. Before coming to China, I was very concerned about adapting to the weather – being a Northern girl i worked best in 13-20c, but had to adapt to 35c in 90% humidity! It’s crazy how much your body gets used to it though, as now if it goes below 20 i have to put my coat on!

    1. That is a tough conversion! I can imagine China having some pretty harsh weather. And I agree with your statement regarding needing a coat, I bet when I go back to the UK I will feel the cold a lot easier!

  12. Wow, that is hot! Southern California temps have been in the 70’s through the day and dipping down in the evening and overnight. Monday and Tuesday we are to finally….get some rain! Yay! Stay cool!! πŸ™‚

    1. Congrats on having rain on the way! 70’s is nice, although I guess that is still warm for a winter! For me at least. I have never been to Cali, but would like to one day.

      1. Yes, I think so but looking back the past couple of years…about the same…ie., shorts on Christmas Day! It did rain today and into tomorrow it is to rain. Love the sound of rain and too it just freshens the air. Thank you for your comment! πŸ™‚

      2. We had such a huge storm last night! More rain than I have seen here so far. Was great to watch.

  13. I grew up in the northern part of the USA and it was usually very cold in the winter and could get hot in the summer but never that hot. Then I moved to Germany and I was surprised that for being farther north than my home state it was usually warmer! It is fascinating how larger bodies of water can change the weather in areas. Now I am back in the states living in Tennessee and the winters are mild, but over the summer it was consistently 40C and I am just not used to it… but I do love a mild winter

    1. Yeah the geography altering the weather is fascinating… Your description of Northern USA kinda sounds like the UK. We never get that hot compared to France or Germany, but I prefer the milder weather too anyway. Enjoy the mild winter weather whilst it lasts :p

  14. It’s 23 degrees Fahrenheit here in New York City , but compared to what we had a few days ago when it was 6 degrees I’ll take that. I lived in Las Vegas where it was 104 degrees- at 6 am in the morning! Vegas gets temperatures as high as 119 degrees in june, July and August .

    1. I love NYC! I only ever visited in winter when it was freezing, but NYC is great at anytime. I can imagine Vegas being unbearable at times!

      1. “But it’s a dry heat” I heard that a lot when I lived there . My reply being the smart ass New Yorker that I am was, ‘so is my microwave ‘. That’s another reason why the casinos are so packed and water sellers on the Strip do so well. The heat.

  15. I’m sorry you got stuck in Aus in that heat πŸ˜€ I guess I’m mostly just used to it, we had 43 here the other day. And then I hear about a massive cold snap in America. The weather really is crazy πŸ˜€

    1. I remember the first time I travelled abroad, it was to Spain when I was barely a teenager and I was that hot my first memory of being in the outdoors was being sick outside a German families apartment. So it is safe to say I am not used to it! It is fascinating to consider that people such as yourself are used to this weather, where are you from exactly?

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