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Happy New Year!

Even if it isn’t quite 2018 where you are…

Happy New Year from Sydney!

It’s been almost impossible to post due to the amount of people in the area clogging up the 3G… I hope you all have a wonderful night and a great 2018.


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    • They really were! It was very hard to get a shot of the fireworks going off on the bridge at the same time, there were so many areas to capture in one shot. Did you watch them on TV?

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      • It was very special as we lived on our boat in Oyster Cove (Waverton).

        Like everything in Australia, it used to be free but I’m really not sure these days – Australia really has become expensive for everything. There was a designated area to anchor in back then and it was a large area.
        Too many restrictions in NSW so we sailed up to QLD in ’92 and lived there as less restrictions for liveaboards. 🙂

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      • I’m travelling through Waverton right now 🙂 Yeah Australia is very expensive, I learned that very fast! I would love to spend a lot of time on the water, however the threat from all the crazy animals you have here makes me think otherwise! Haha.

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