Many of you eagle eyes readers will have noticed the Golden Ticket is rather green, however I’m getting nostalgic thinking of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so I am sticking with that as my title. Sydney’s New Years fireworks display is commencing in ten hours and as I work very close to the bridge, I need a pass to gain entry.

Think of it as a festival. The area around the bridge has been fenced off, the harbour security will allow people in this morning however once it hits full capacity, they stop allowing entry. According to colleagues, last year these gates were closed before midday. Thousands of people flooded in and once in could not leave without being refused reentry. Tents were set up, umbrellas held off heat stroke and claustrophobia was a guarantee. Only those with passes are able to get in after it reaches full capacity, those that work in the area (such as myself) and those staying in hotels or bought tickets for the fully booked venues (I wish I could afford to do so!).

Tickets for the bars with special events that I know of are around the $500-600 mark. People I have talked to were willing to pay up to $6000 for a room with a view. It is safe to say this is probably one of, if not, the most popular New Years Eve destinations in the world. 

This is another reason as to why I love to not just travel, but work and travel at the same time. Some of the worlds most famous destinations can be accessed via employment and this can mean some incredible perks. Perks being free entry at peak times such as NYE, cheaper accommodation and VIP entry when people are paying incredible amounts to attend the same venue. 

Of course, employment is necessary to get these perks, but we all have to work somewhere anyway. What I am grateful for everyday is that I look onto one of the most beautiful and famous harbours in the world, everyday.

Was everyone still wearing coats when I got here in September? Apparently so…

Whether it be New York or London, Rome or Rio… The worlds most iconic landmarks and destinations need people to help run it. Sometimes it is a business nearby with great views. I would highly recommend anyone that is wanting to travel to hand a CV (résumé) to such places as you never know where you may earn your next income. 

Update: I didn’t need a ticket to get in! It seems to be very busy, however not enough to shut the gates. It took me roughly five minutes to get in, including a quick search of my laptop bag. Apparently sun shades are banned (a sign can be seen in the first picture in the post and was added just before publishing) however I can only assume the person responsible for keeping them out was already drunk as there are hundreds inside.

Where will you be this New Years Eve? Will you be watching Sydney? It’s amazing to think that the city and landmarks I have always watched on TV is the very place I will be celebrating the beginning of 2018. 

Look out for my next post and hopefully, amazing viewpoint!

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    1. It truly was. I managed to get up high to see them which was a spectacular view. It was certainly one to tick off my bucket list!

  1. Hard for me to imagine NYE in shorts and flip flops since it’s 15* here getting colder, so from the other side of the world, I wish you a Happy 2018!

    1. It was cooler thankfully than it has been, but I agree, it still feels so strange having Christmas and NYE in the summer months. I wish you a happy 2018 also!

    1. The fireworks are free to watch, however most of the hotels and bars right on the harbour charge as there is just too much demand. It is free to watch outside on the harbour itself, however pretty difficult to find a great spot unless you get there early!

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