A video went viral recently of a SpaceX rocket blasting out of the atmosphere. It was captured wonderfully by a cars dashcam. The camera also captured a pretty nasty car crash, I imagine caused by the huge distraction.

Here is the footage.

This is why I admire Elon Musk so much. During the Christmas period people complain about having to work, or going back to work, or about small injustices that blight our existence… This guy is planning to populate Mars in the upcoming decades largely fuelled by his own personal drive and motivation. He doesn’t complain, he just achieves. He is one of the few people I genuinely look up to that I feel is making a difference like no other. He isn’t making the next love song that we are all listening to on the car radio, he is deciding which planet we will be on at the time.

Did anyone else catch this on the news? Better still, is there anyone out there that witnessed this in person?

I cannot thank this guy enough for showing me where the boundary is, and that is is much higher than I thought.

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    1. I guess it was irrelevant to the report… However it made for some interesting footage. I hope the passengers were okay…

    1. Absolutely! SpaceX is doing a lot of launches right now… If you haven’t watched them on YouTube I highly recommend you doing so!

  1. I saw a bunch of memes about this, mostly sperm related 😂 I can’t say I share the enthusiasm, if only for the fact that I personally think humanity is a virus and why go stuff up other planets too

    1. Haha I also found a lot of sperm related comments. Personally, I agree that humanity is not always a great species, however I have a little more optimism for the people that are capable of doing things like this. We can all travel to Mars and leave the bad ones here :p

      1. I am sure they have social media/Wordpress and WiFi for us to keep in contact 😉
        If not, I’ll send you postcards.

    1. I would love to visit, for sure! How incredible would it be? However I would want to travel when space travel was consistently safe, and if I knew I could take my family too. What about you?
      To be honest though, as incredible as the journey would be, I would be crapping myself the whole way!

      1. I agree it would be incredible, but I’ve contemplated it and I think I prefer the safety of Earth. I mean, if you could go for a few nights, that would be ideal! But a little too scary for me I think! 😄

      2. Yeah, it would be like people discovering new lands for the first time. Hundreds of years ago people travelling were doing so with big risks, now we go to relax away from everyday life. I guess we just have to wait a little for space travel to become commonplace and hopefully, safer!

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