I took this shot on Christmas Eve shortly after finishing work during a storm. Probably ten seconds went by and a great bit of fork lightning shot through the sky behind me and was reflected beautifully on the glass high rise on the right of this shot.

So this post is really just here to tell you that this could have been a great photo. I’m sorry it isn’t and I’ve wasted your time. It is a good reminder though that the more I keep my camera out the more chance I have of a cracking photo.

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  1. Or we can be content with the fact that you experienced an absolute amazing moment and that your camera wasn’t at the ready meant you were fully present to enjoy it and therefore we’re left with that longing the imagination stretches to fill… I think I prefer that

    1. 100%. Thank you so much for reminding me that being there and witnessing it without a camera is so much better. Admittedly, I have been one to obsess with capturing events on camera and it is one of my regrets from previous concerts. In fact, the last two Muse concerts I attended I made sure that I did not have my camera out at all for most of it because of this, and for my favourite songs I enjoyed the moments for myself without trying to capture it behind a phone screen. Maybe I need to try to adhere to this rule in my everyday life too! (In moderation).

    2. I also agree with mirafahlan! There are merits in experiencing certain things or occasions in the moment, unadulterated and unburdened by other matters, even though some people may prefer to captures those moments on screen, photo or canvas.

      Sam, it is commendable of you to resist taking photos or videos even at some of your favourite venues and occasions, and to have the courage of bucking the trends.

      For those who are interested or curious, my own deliberations on matters about moment are available at https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2013/03/18/soundeagle-in-best-moment-award-from-moment-matters/

    1. Same for me even though I keep my camera ready. I agree with the above comment that we experienced it and that is also cool though we wish there was a way to capture.

      1. Yeah I should be more content that I could actually see the moment in person without being upset I couldn’t share it with everyone. But technology has also developed incredibly, so although I will be happy to see things without being behind a phone screen, I will still try to share moments with you all on here 🙂

    2. In that case, don’t worry as you aren’t alone! I guess it makes the moments in which we do capture a shot perfectly even more satisfying.

  2. Reminds me of John Mayer’s 3×5 “Shoulda’ had a camera by my side that time, hoping I would see the works through both my eyes…” except you had a camera… I’m stupid.

    1. But I didn’t use it! I’m sure you’re not stupid, and thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your blog display image/gravatar pic by the way!

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