Merry Christmas and all my love 

Hello beautiful readers, it’s no longer Christmas Day here and considering I’m so far from home, I had a great day. It started with a 5k run to the beach, which despite being cooler was still pretty busy. It was fascinating seeing people opening presents on the sand with surfers on the waves. Not my usual December 25th!

Thankfully my extended family in Sydney allowed me to stay overnight with them. It was fun watching their two young kids open presents, it reminded me of what it was like to be a kid in the festive season. My favourite Christmas present has to be a Nintendo 64 with Goldeneye… I’ll never forget unwrapping that present… I think in ’97. Ah, 20th century gaming, the nostalgia!

Anyways, I hope all of my readers and followers had a fantastic Christmas, and if it is still Christmas where you are, enjoy it! If you don’t celebrate it, have fun doing whatever you are doing. I also hope you have the best start to the new year, I will aim to blog as much as I have been and post some exciting updates throughout the year. 

What did you all get from Santa? I’m about to find out myself as I have waited to speak to my family in the UK over Skype whilst I unwrap.

Happy holidays and thanks for all the support you guys have shown me!


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  1. melclayville

    Christmas is just finishing up here in American Samoa. I gave myself an online blogging course for Christmas. I can’t wait to see what I can do in 2018! Manuia le Kerisimasi!

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