As I was walking down to Circular Quay yesterday before uploading my most recent post, I noticed this huge building but I didn’t lift my head any further than eye level. It seems one of the columns supporting the building was projecting messages from members of the public. Some of these messages were intended for other family members, others seemed to have just been thoughts they had at the time.

Only one character wide, they moved pretty fast vertically and I had to stand there for quite a while against a river of commuters to read a full message. One, although I cannot recall the exact wording, was from someone that wanted a grandparent to visit over Christmas, hoping they would be able to but the travel costs are expensive. 

It was a little glimpse into the lives of others that I was not expecting at all amongst the millions of people I walked right by. In a city like Sydney, particularly in the CBD, chit chat with a stranger is pretty rare. So to have such a deep look into a persons life and thoughts in amongst all the anonymity and unfriendly rush of big city living, I was happy to take a moment and get to know some people a little better. 

The sad things is, I have no idea who those people are or where they were when providing these quick insights. All I know is that their thoughts were there for me to read on a busy crossing and this helped me get to know them better than the people I was standing right next to.


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    1. I find there is a lot of this kind of thing going on in bigger cities, not often advertised but easy to stumble upon my walking around enough. I agree, pretty cool!

    1. It really does. Even if it doesn’t grab the attention of everyone, the people that do read it I am sure will be intrigued by the personal messages. It was a nice change to a busy CBD!

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