Yesterday, this happened. 

Dominic Howard, the drummer from Muse and one of my heroes, walked by my workplace and took an Instagram shot at the Opera House with his mum. I wasn’t at work at the time but I was right around the corner (blogging, actually at The State Library of New South Wales as my wifi is down at home). I took a couple of shots in fact as it is a pretty impressive building, the oldest library in Australia.

Then, today on Instagram, Tom Kirk posted a timelapse on the harbour. Tom is a childhood friend of the band and does a lot of work with them on the road. This is just a screenshot of that time lapse. 

It’s weird to think my biggest inspirations were walking the same streets as I have been recently. Of course, I had a little wander before work to see if the other two members of the band were snapping selfies, all to no avail.

There must have been a graduation on, I have never seen so much pink. Lots of people, a lot less Muse. 

Oh well, this time Saturday I will see them for the 5th time, I am even more excited now I know they are on Australian soil.

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    1. I know they certainly seem it, oh well, I am just pleased to see them live again. It’s nice to meet another fan! Stick around and I will update you with the Sydney show đŸ™‚

  1. I love Muse, too. They’re my favorite band. I’ve seen them twice but it’s been several years now, and I need to go again!

      1. They’re excellent live! I saw them in 2007 and then . . . either 2009 or 2010, I’m not sure. They were both outstanding shows.

      2. They have always been great, however they started putting on some epic light/laser shows around that time, that was an awesome time to see them live!

    1. This makes me happy! What did you think of it, did you watch it all? I might do so to get even more in the mood for tomorrow…

      1. No, I got too tired after our trip for my 6 week check up. Will watch more later. I quite liked what I heard/saw, & I love music so very much enjoy finding new stuff……to me.

      2. I love finding new stuff, I am not sure what the support band is like tonight, maybe I will become a fan of theirs!

      3. Yes, I have 3 of the I. Dragons cd’s & have seen them perform on tv at the halftime show for the Grey Cup in Canadian football. I don’t watch the game but my husband thought I’d like the band…..I did.

      4. Well there we go! Half time shows are there for a reason… For the people that don’t watch the games but like the music haha.

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