I see a trend in blog posts through the feed starting with the words ‘I am sorry’. Sorry for not blogging more or not putting a post out there for a while.


Why be sorry? The beauty in blogging is that you can do it your way. It is one of those things in life you can do almost entirely on your own terms. Thinking of posting at 3am? Go for it, there will be a population that are actively looking to read at this time. Thinking of switching to a different topic? Your choice completely. In a world that expects so much of us, blogging is a great relief for me. Something I can do when I want, how often I want and on what topic I want.

Maybe the apology is for letting down readers. More often than not these apologies come from bloggers that have smaller communities and are just getting used to the whole blogging thing. If this is the case, don’t apologise, this is your work on your terms. If readers like what you do I am sure that they will appreciate new material regardless of the wait more than an apology. I am sure the more your blog begins to grow, the more commitment will be shown to the blog and there will be less need for an apology. If the dedication is there to provide material for the readers I am sure time gaps between posts will shorten and apologies will cease.

This was my early morning thought as I grab a coffee and open WordPress, it is 9.45am here in Sydney and already VERY hot. I started to blog to find a place where I could be free to say what I want, I can’t believe it has been four years since my first post. Time does fly.

My advice to any blogger starting today is, don’t apologise to a community you haven’t built yet… Do your own thing as we don’t get enough chances to do so in life!

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  1. Inspiring Positivity! British people (including me) say sorry all the time for no reason. There’s being polite and then there’s justifying yourself. I know I don’t need to do it but it’s kind of become part of our culture, need to be aware of this!

      1. Canadians are known to be polite, I’ve heard Americans consider Canada the quiet or polite neighbour before, which I don’t think is a bad thing!

    1. As a fellow Brit, I have to admit I say it all the time, too. Even if someone bumps into me in the street, its a subconscious reaction! I have been told off by an old manager (who wasn’t British) for saying sorry too much. If a manager tells me to stop saying it, it must be too much! Haha.
      Why do you think we apologise so often?

      1. When I was in the States I met some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met, but in a country of over 320 million, there is always the possibility of some bad eggs!

  2. You gave great advice. I completely agree with this post. And you are right the beauty in blogging is that you can do it any way your heart wants and that is how it should always be. That’s why I love blogging. I feel like I can really be myself and express myself on my blog.

    1. Absolutely. I find it healthy to be able to blog freely. It’s like the shackles have been loosened and I am glad you feel the same 🙂 thanks for commenting on the post, I appreciate it!

  3. Exactly… Sometimes i feel like I should be posting more, i shouldn’t talk about this or stick to this, would they like it? What if no one reads it? At the end of the no matter when, which, or how i write about that island, resorts or even stories, there are always people there to appreciate it… Thanks for this reminder ☺

    1. Great to hear. And what’s great about technology is that there is always a big population of people awake to read it, so there isn’t a bad time to blog. Keep doing it 🙂

  4. Thank you! I will definitely note this! haha! I miss the warm weather. My hands are freezing enough not to enjoy typing so much. haha

    1. Haha thank you, I’m pleased you enjoyed reading and hopefully took your mind off the cold for a little while! Where are you located?

  5. I can only speak for myself, but I blog because I love words, to use words creatively and help us laugh at ourselves and reflect on “what fools we mortals be.” To paraphrase one writer (which one, I don’t remember): I write so I can see what I’m thinking (and then do the hard work of whipping it into shape so it looks like it wrote itself).

    I’m not saying that every blogger should take what they post as ‘professionally’ as I do (after all, who gets paid for blogging?), but my standard is the old-fashioned DO IT WELL, OR NOT AT ALL. Even humor is serious business, if you think about it.

    1. I love your reasons for blogging, I think laughing at ourselves is important! It helps us to not take ourselves too seriously and we need a little humour in our lives.
      To do something well shows commitment and effort and I’m sure it feels better when the post is the finished product, also when your readers read it!

  6. It’s quite likely that a lot of those apologies are directed at the blogger him or herself, like “sorry for procrastinating writing this one post I’ve been meaning to for a while now!”
    This is one place you can procrastinate!
    That makes the blogging part even better really, because with no deadlines to push you on, all blogpost publishing is self-motivated!

    1. No deadlines is what I’ve needed in my life, I was terrible through school and college keeping to deadlines. I think if anything it has helped to motivate me more, I’ve typed more words to this blog than I ever have anywhere else!

      1. That’s awesome. The thing with being self-motivated that’s really cool is how there’s no pressure (unless you’re creating it, of course) and it’s a lot more satisfying!

  7. Agreed. It’s a bit of a turn off when bloggers start their post by apologizing for not writing sooner or something. And if we’re being completely honest, it’s likely their readers didn’t even notice.

    1. Especially if it is the first few posts of a blogger, the majority of people will not have read anything previously. I guarantee I did the same somewhere down the line, it’s widespread!

  8. I love this! I agree with you – we shouldn’t be sorry, after all, it’s our blog, why not? The things I feel sorry about are falling behind on reading blogs 😂 then again, most bloggers understand it can be difficult after awhile to keep up everyday.

    1. It can be very hard to blog everyday, in fact I have been spending the majority of my free time blogging recently so I understand why it is something people don’t or can’t do everyday!
      Thanks for reading mine, I’m glad you agree!

      1. Life can get caught up and it does get more difficult! Planning ahead can help, but even then, things happen. I blog daily, but it’s a personal challenge to myself, not because people expect it of my blog. And you’re welcome 🙂

      2. I also try to see blogging daily as a personal challenge, it is like going to the gym for me but mentally. It helps keep me switched on and pushes me to find things to blog about. I hope you keep finding inspiration for your blog 🙂

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