I know I said I would spend more time taking photos of places other than Circular Quay, however I have to admit I still take shots here almost everyday. Recently, Ovation of the Seas came to port and it would be a shame if I didn’t update you on this particular vessel.

Decks: 18

Maximum Capacity: 4,905 passengers

Length: 1,142 ft (348m)

Tonnage: 168,666

Can you see the stand out feature? The North Star Aerial Observatory on the top deck rises to allow passengers a 360 view of the environment, 90m above sea level. Apparently, this reaches higher than the pylons of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. As you can see, the observatory raises as I get closer to the cruise. 

I think this next shot is my favourite, one half in the shade and the other half getting all the sunlight.

Look at all the lovely people…

A pretty impressive sight. To think each and everyone of those relatively small squares is a pretty big room and balcony, it really does help to comprehend the scale of this thing. It’s a beautiful monster.

Do you have a favourite shot of the above? Do let me know 🙂


Not so fun fact: There was a gastro outbreak on board this vessel as I was taking these shots, roughly 200 people were ill as a result. I guess that is the negative aspect of being around almost 5000 people with nowhere to go. 

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    1. Never have! Not on a cruise of this size anyway although I would very much like to. I work next to the port so I see the ships every day. What about you, do you sail?

      1. What do you mean? Are you not someone that likes to be around big crowds of people? I can feel very claustrophobic at times in such situations, sometimes more than others.

      2. Being around animals and plants sounds a lot less hassle! Then again I am now in Australia, they are the two things I now fear the most haha.

      3. There are plenty of areas on cruise ships for being alone, or around very few people. My husband, & myself are both loners, & we spent little time with other people on our cruises. The ships are huge & not crowded, unless you go to the shows, etc. There are many things to find to do & not all of them involve crowds.

    1. Yes they do and they keep evolving, particularly Royal Caribbean in my opinion, they cater for all ages and have some pretty special activities on board!

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