That I feel sun cream would have been a wise move this morning. 

After spending the afternoon in a bar to use Wifi (our router in the apartment isn’t working today) I opted for the ferry into Circular Quay. I don’t know why but I assume the beer, blue skies and ocean breeze had a major part to play. I had to leave the bar as my laptop died with no charging port in sight, off I go to find a cafe with one in close reach. 

It’s times like these that I realise these little spur of the moment decisions are all I want. To walk down the street and choose a path there and then. To jump on a ferry that just docked and spend the time on the waves wondering what to do when I get there. 

My sunburnt torso is in no way an example of risk comparable to the corpses on top of Everest or the shipwrecks at the bottom of the sea, but doing life DIY slowly loosens the shackles that so much of our time is spent in, with often only minor repercussions. It is great excersise for the brain to increase motivation, to do more and see more. Your decision today to do one thing differently may lead to the biggest changes over a year. 

Quick update, I did get there.

Welcome to Sydney, Golden Princess cruisers!!

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    1. Thanks a bunch, what is your real name again atheistmeow? I will recall from this moment on, I swear. I am happy you still like reading my posts!

      1. Of course! I am temporarily working in a hotel whilst I travel Australia, I have always worked in the Tourism and Hospitality industry. I wanted to take a break from my assistant manager role in England however to visit a country I have never been to.
        What about you?

      2. I see, so I can say that you’re a constant wanderer of life? πŸ™‚ I am a health writer by profession, sitting in the office while doing research and being keen to the content are my fortes. However, travelling is also a part of my hobby. This answers my existence on WordPress πŸ™‚

      3. You could say that! I want to travel as much as I can whilst I can. I am glad you have that interest too πŸ™‚ it is great to get to know you a little better and I hope we speak more of our travel interests, I love getting to meet people from ever corner of earth. Where are you from?

      4. Hey sorry for my tardiness! I was out for some food just now. Lol. At my level, I think I need more improvements but hey, that aside, I am based in Malaysia and have been living here for over 23 years already. I’ll be travelling to Perth next month. Could plan a meet-up perhaps? πŸ˜€

      5. I’m always happy to meet up with people, although Perth is a long way away! Keep in touch, you never know. I love Malaysia, I travelled to Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi back in 2014 and would love to visit again.

      6. Me too! Meeting up new people helps me to become more open minded, I would say. Ah so you set feet in my country already! Nice. Malaysia will always welcome to have a traveller like you πŸ˜€ Anyway, is there any other way that we can keep in touch? πŸ™‚

      7. Of course, do you have an email that you use with WordPress? I am happy to talk via email. Otherwise, I will be posting everyday to my site and blog, so when you are planning to head to Australia you can always leave a message πŸ™‚

      1. Will be heading to Seoul during Xmas week…get my fill of the snow to last me through the hot and humid days here in Singapore although the monsoon season has started so it’s been a little bit like London weather I imagine…😁

      2. Nice! Enjoy that πŸ™‚ Monsoon season doesn’t sound fun, I always say in the UK we never have extreme weather, just constant rainy weather haha.

      3. It’s really started pouring where I am coincidentally… I haven’t heard rain so heavy since I have been here! It was listening to our conversation…

      4. Haha oops! Ok, it’s bright and sunny here right now..or at least it’s cleared up here…I’m pretty sure it is the same there too! There! I’m sure it will listen n stop raining…the sun will be back soon or I guess the moon will be back…πŸ‘πŸ˜

      1. A white Christmas perhaps! I’ve seen people posting statuses back in the north east of England about it snowing, here I am walking around in shorts as they put Christmas decorations up haha. It looks so strange to me!

      2. Norway is beautiful, I went quite a while back to Stavanger and Bergen when there was a ferry route between Newcastle and Bergen. Was great fun, and very hot!

  1. You have some beautiful photos there!
    “It’s times like these that I realise these little spur of the moment decisions are all I want. To walk down the street and choose a path there and then.”

    Point on! When I visited Rome I took time on the afternoon just to walk around. And I got lost several times, my phone was drained and I was, what I later discovered, around the Piazza Cavour, a physical map just laying on the ground. Trying to find my way home was one of the best experiences!

    1. Walking around Rome sounds fantastic! I can certainly think of worse places to get lost, although it sounds like you had no issues getting back. Thanks for reading and for your kind words!

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